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    33 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A pair of swearing socks, a sanitizing screen cleaner, hydrating witch hazel, and 30 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A pair of socks for the sophisticated, foul-mouthed bibliophile you proudly are.

    2. A tube of Mike's Hot Honey you can (and will) put on everything.

    3. A book to further indulge your reading addiction, by reading about the joys of reading addictions.

    4. A set of seven luxurious sheet masks β€” they're gonna give your face feelings.

    5. A treat ball that'll entertain your hungry doggo all day long.

    6. A corgi onesie for when you meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the royal wedding this May.

    7. A set of two blind spot mirrors you should definitely use, because we both know drivers in (insert your state here) are the worst in the nation.

    8. A concealer to cover up your cuteness when you think it's too much to handle.

    9. A pair of winter cleats so you're not slipping on ice like a newborn Bambi.

    10. A sanitizing screen cleaner that'll easily wipe away every smudge on your screen.

    11. A pair of washable insoles for anyone whose feet smell less than fresh.

    12. A pantry rack sure to make your "mystery" cabinet a little more manageable.

    13. A sassy cotton shirt you can wear anytime you think people should zip it.

    14. A book on how people live well in Denmark. It may inspire you to add more than just Danish pastries to your life.

    15. A glass nightingale waterer that'll make your wilting plants sing.

    16. A handy pack of beer savers perfect for keeping beer fresh when cooking or for seriously savoring a soda before your paycheck comes in.

    17. A pair of the most comfortable leggings you may ever own, with solid stretch and "butter-light" material (TBH we'll buy any article of clothing when "butter" is used in the description).

    18. A pack of two silicone ice cube trays to once again have ice in your drinks, because your actual ice machine has been turned off and used as storage ever since you discovered Trader Joe's TV dinners.

    19. A hydrating booster cream that'll repair your dry winter skin.

    20. A sloth calendar filled with perfect furry friends who are gonna slowly make 2018 the best year yet.

    21. A jar of smoked chili for everyone whose New Year's goal is about adding some spice to your life.

    22. A velvet throw blanket to drape over your sofa when it looks like it's feeling a little cold.

    23. A DIY guitar pick set, because everyone knows we wanna see picks or it didn't happen.

    24. A nature-scene puzzle, basically the best way to work on a gorgeous landscape without trying (and failing) at Bob Ross' painting techniques.

    25. A sloth onesie for the snooziest mammal in your home.

    26. A striking and sleek corner shelf that can easily add shelf space in even the smallest of places.

    27. A pack of four squishy cats who are gonna let you rub their bellies 24/7 without the fear of being bitten or scratched.

    28. A brilliantly simple shelf insert with movable parts, made to organize the hard-to-reach bottom of the sink.

    29. A jar of witch hazel astringent pads for softening and refresh your skin, naturally.

    30. A Lego craft kit that can make 10 unique moving machines, which means you can finally play something other than Settlers of Catan on family game nights.

    31. A two-piece set of essential oil car diffusers for actually making your car smell fresh, instead of that plasticky pine-fresh-meets-French-fries aroma you've currently got going on.

    32. A foaming mask to instantly cleanse your skin with gentle bubbles as frothy as your vanilla latte.

    33. A set of machine washable, flannel sheets so comfortable they're gonna put you out cold (well, warm) in seconds.

    When you see that sweet, sweet Amazon box on your doorstep.