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    29 Products From Small And Under-The-Radar Businesses You'll Probably Want To Splurge On

    Everybody ready to make some DIY kimchee?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A modular armchair you can customize to fit your own particular taste. Seriously. Choose the color, fabric, and legs and create your own personal, snazzy seating.


    I own this chair, which means I can personally rave about it to all who will listen (slash read) what I have to say! In fact, I'm sitting on it as I type. There's plenty of space in the deep set design to curl your feet up while reading a book, or lounge around casually when guests are over. Comfy as it is, it looks anything but casual. Being able to customize both the color of the chair and the leg finish made it *brilliantly* simple to complement my sofa. This chair massively upgraded an apartment that's mostly filled with IKEA bookshelves and it makes me feel every flavor of fancy.

    Get it from AllForm for $695+ (originally $869+; available in eight colors, two materials, and three leg finishes).

    2. A DIY kimchee kit for making probiotic-rich kimchee at home. This step-by-step kit is a great way to give you confidence in the kitchen and, after your first batch, the tools are there for you every time you get a hankering for some delectable sour cabbage.

    Full jar of DIY kimchee
    Kimchee Rules

    The kit includes a half-gallon glass fermenting jar, a pair of rubber gloves, brining sea salt, an airlock, two airtight lids, one jar of kimchee paste, and instructions.

    Get it from Kimchee Rules for $45 (available in three flavors).

    3. An irresistibly soft microfiber throw blanket in an elegant pattern that'll truly make this throw a central statement piece in your place.

    Sunday Citizen, Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    The photo on the right is my bedroom, with the Casablanca blanket hung up as my headboard! Almost all of my bedding is from Sunday Citizen and I *truly* believe it is the very very best. You can see my shams and comforter on the bed, but I also have another throw blanket in my living room. I decided to use this one as a headboard because it's so plush I can lean against it when I read in bed and feel totally comfortable. It's also, obviously, gorgeous – I wanted it on display.

    Promising review: "SPLURGE, this blanket is worth it! It's soft and warm and it’s pretty big. It’s the only one I use when I’m lounging on the couch now." —Kimberly G.

    Get it from Sunday Citizen for $139 (available in eight colors).

    4. A ramen bowl from Franka, a multicultural design studio that pulls from their team's diverse cultural backgrounds to give customers lively handmade home goods.

    Stack of white ceramic bowls with minimalist eyes, speckles, and dots painted in black
    Franca / Via

    These dishwasher-safe bowls are handmade in Brooklyn NY *and* they're made to order, so they usually take about two weeks to receive.

    Get it from Franka for $42 (available in five styles).

    5. A mystery jungle box with four small plants customized to work with the lighting available in your home. You'll be surprised by how much you love having new ~buds~ around.


    All plants in this mystery box are 4 inches in diameter and include care instructions.

    Get it from Rooted for $49 (available in two light styles).

    6. A linen shell mat you can lay out during playtime. This useful mat is an endearingly darling way to photograph your own precious pearl's first year, and it can last a lifetime after that.

    Baby dressed in white laying in center of mat
    Moi Mili

    Be sure to check out all the shell mat colors available at this shop!

    Promising review: "This is absolutely stunning. It's so well-made and the fabric is so soft and such a beautiful colour!!! I love my purchase. Thank you for such amazing and beautifully crafted products!!!" —Angela

    Get it from Moi Mili on Etsy for $82.92.

    7. A complete regimen skincare set designed to give both a deep clean *and* deep hydration with its "toxin-fighting exfoliation, complexion-purifying masking, and moisture-rich eye and complexion rejuvenation." This clever set is perfect if you are tired of mixing and matching products but still want the best results.

    Five packaged skincare products

    This complete kit includes a face cleanser stick, face scrub, face mask, face moisturizer, and eye stick. My husband, who hates putting anything on his face, started using this skincare system a little while ago and it has made a huge difference. The cleanser stick works like a roll-on, so it's great for people who don't like the mess that comes with a traditional cleanser.

    Get it from Disco for $116 (or save 20% by signing up for a three-month subscription).

    8. A ghoulishly glam Pumpkin Party Girl, a hand-painted heirloom decoration for festive folks who want to start building up a lifetime collection of gorgeous Halloween decor.

    Stylized papier-mâché figurine with bulbous pumpkin pants, striped tights, black shoes, ruffled blouse and collar, spooky pumpkin face hat, and party invitation
    Olive & Cocoa

    I got this cutie to add to my home-spun toilet paper pumpkins and cardboard cutout Halloween decor. She's one of my first high-quality pieces and I couldn't be more pleased! She's large but lightweight, making storage simple, and truly adds a timeless bit of festive fun to my home.

    Get it from Olive & Cocoa for $198.

    9. A citrus and blossom sparkling water – a grown-up alternative to alcohol when you want a hangover-free drink that's more sophisticated than soda pop.

    Product shot of Dram can in studio

    If I didn't have a horrible singing voice, I'd constantly be singing the praises of this dainty drink. As a nondrinker I've been on the hunt for ages to find a drink to enjoy at the end of the day that isn't swimming in sugar and soda. Dram is just that. I love every flavor of everything they offer (I've tried it all). Plus the packaging is too pretty to pass up.

    Get a 12-pack from Dram for $22 (also available in cardamom/black tea and lavender/lemon balm).

    10. A cowrie necklace so stunning you can confidently ~shell~ out the extra cash on this extra-special accessory. Plus it goes with everything. Practical pieces FTW!

    Model wearing the gold necklace. It has two cowrie shells in gold on either end and a long chain that can be worn around the neck or cascading down the chest.
    Omi Woods

    Promising review: "This is an absolute beauty! I am beyond impressed. It’s an elegant and classic piece to own. It arrived two weeks earlier than expected; that was a pleasant surprise. I would give this shop 10 stars if it was an option. I will continue to purchase from this seller. Much appreciation." —Reese Morris

    Get it from Omi Woods on Etsy for $128+ (available in three styles).

    11. A bodysuit and full bust bra – it's gonna delight people who are *finally* able to enjoy wearing underwear that's actually nude.

    Nubian Skin

    Get the bodysuit for $49.50 (available in four colors and sizes XS–XL) and the bra for $46.80 (available in four colors and sizes 30E–40G), both from Nubian Skin.

    12. A designer cotton jumpsuit (with pockets!) so you can give your closet a high quality piece at a splurge-but-approachable price. Plus it's machine-washable!

    Meg Shops, Meg

    About twice a year I splurge on a piece from Meg and, because of their durability and high quality, my closet is slowly becoming an ode to each seasonal collection. I've had jumpsuits for several years that I wear *literally* once a week, all year long, and they've held up! Meg Kinney will forever be one of my favorite designers, and her pieces are totally worth the splurge.

    Get it from Meg Shops for $188.30 (originally $269; also available in pea green and blue, sizes S–L).

    13. A *true* rose gold lipstick with a metallic shine that's formulated with botanical oils and waxes, ensuring your lips stay hydrated and healthy while looking their very best. After using this, you're never gonna look at an $8 tube of lipstick again.

    Model wearing lipstick
    Hi Wildflower

    Hi Wildflower's founder, Tanaïs wanted to create a line for 'socially-conscious, colorful, and stylish consumers.' Tanaïs brings their love of natural wildflowers into every luxury makeup and fragrance product available on their site.

    Get it from Hi Wildflower for $27.

    14. A Most Modest pendant lamp designed with a warmer and softer touch than traditional suspension lighting, for filling your home with a cozy-yet-striking light.

    Modern light with half orb glass and small cover in shape of classic lamp shade hanging from minimalist wire
    Most Modest

    This light has full range dimming wireless controls and an optional USB charging outlet. The shade is aluminum and the diffuser is opal glass. Orders are made brand-new in Grand Haven, Michigan.

    Get it from Most Modest for $595+ (available in 10 colors and two styles).

    15. A trio of fall scented candles set in amber glass jars. With these, you won't have to pick between pumpkin and all the other lovely fall aromas. Thank goodness! Because I refuse to choose.

    Candles in Fresh Cider, Pumpkin Chai, and Autumn Leaves
    Urban Melts Candle Co.

    I bought this sample pack a few weeks ago and want to give ya'll a warning: if you buy candles from this shop, you'll be buying from it forever. I was *blown away* by Charlotte's quality customer service (I had just moved and gave her the wrong address. She responded promptly, and kindly, to my frazzled plea to change it). Each scent is pleasing and natural, and strong enough to fill up a room. Her jars are decor worth keeping once the candle is gone. I'm a fully converted customer.

    Promising review: "Charlotte is awesome! I originally purchased a sample pack and she took the time to reach out and ask which scents I wanted to try. I loved all of them and came away with a few favorites! When she came out with the copper tumblers for fall I knew I had to jump on them and purchased Autumn Leaves. Loving it so far!" —Michelle McGuire

    Get them from Urban Melts Candle Co. on Etsy for $60.

    16. A birchwood bunk bed designed in Brooklyn, so you know it can accommodate minuscule spaces.

    Natural wood and white bunk bed with stairs in modern, modular design
    Casa Kids

    This customizable furniture is handmade in Brooklyn, NY and specifically designed to maximize functionality in small spaces. The bunk bed above is even designed to work with low ceilings. Check out the site's portfolio full of single rooms and shared rooms to get a better idea of what they could look like in your space.

    Get it from Casa Kids for $3,500+ (available in seven styles, two models, and sizes Twin–Full).

    17. A snazzy clutch pouch with clasps on each side that are gonna be useful when you wanna turn this elegant piece into a cross-body or hook it onto a belt.

    Black leather rectangular clutch with brown leather and gold clasp details and an added strap
    The Cass Clutch

    Each bag is 9x6 and has a matte gold zipper and is available in suede, leather, or hair on hide.

    Get it from The Cass Clutch for $125 (available in nine colors).

    18. An unnecessarily lovely feeding dish that'll keep your floors clean *and* keep your kitto healthy, thanks to its digestive-friendly elevated design. Plus, it's dishwasher safe!

    Cat Person

    You may think this post is just full of things I have in my home, and you may be right. Because I *also* use these bowls and my life is better for it. I have one cat who loves making a massive mess and the washable tray now catches any food he leaves behind, and I have a cleanly gal who loves the whisker-safe setup. And these are lovely, so I don't mind keeping them out and on display.

    Get it from Cat Person for $40 (available in three colors).

    19. Collettey's Signature Gift, a box of delectable cookies with a personalized mug and pen for satisfying your sweet tooth while supporting a great cause.

    Packaging with ribbon, cookies, pen, and mug

    This gift set includes one dozen cookies, a story card, mug, and pen. Founder Collette Divitto has Down syndrome and has worked tirelessly to increase the employment opportunities for people of all abilities through speeches, interviews, and while hiring within her own company.

    Get it from Collettey's for $36.95.

    20. A side table and upright chair sure to add a clean, crisp, and creative touch to any ol' room.


    Promising reviews: (table) "I love the lightness, flat-pack-ability, cheery-but-not-TOO-fun color (Wimbledon Green!) of the Rove table. It's a great side table for a reading chair and a handy nightstand next to my storage bed, and I can't decide in which spot it should live. I definitely recommend it; this has made me a Dims fan." —Allison

    (chair) "First of all, this chair looks great – beautiful wood and elegant, clean lines. I also love how lightweight and comfortable it is. Overall a worthwhile purchase!" —Livia L.

    Get the side table for $150 (available in four colors) and the chair for $350 (available in five colors), both from Dims.

    21. A decorative vase by artist Justina Blakeney – toss in some lavender and other calming florals so you can add a little ~peace~ to your place.

    Sea-foam green vase in peace sign shape

    This ceramic vase is handmade in Vietnam.

    Get it from Jungalow for $68 (available in eight colors).

    22. A tiered ruffled number that's gonna be an instant favorite if you're a sun-loving sweetheart who refuses to mute your wardrobe when the weather gets dark and dreary.

    Model wearing long sleeved, knee-length dress in pink with layers of red ruffles

    If you love this shape and want a slightly different look, you can grab this floral option or a precious piece plucked straight from Little House on The Prairie.

    Get it from Crosby for $276 (available in sizes XS–XL).

    23. A complete eco-friendly cleaning kit so you can take one big step in having far less waste in your life.

    A product shot of the reusable spray bottles, tablets, and storage containers inside the kit

    This kit includes three acrylic spray bottles, multi-surface, glass and mirror, and bathroom cleaning tablets, one glass foaming handsoap bottle, a hand soap tablet, a silicone dish soap shaker, a 16 oz powder dish soap, one steel dishwasher tablets tin, and 40 dishwasher tablets.

    Promising review: "I cannot say enough about these amazing products! I stumbled onto the site and ordered the foaming hand soap tablets first. Wow. I will NEVER go back to store-bought liquid refills again. From there, I expanded to the cleaning set and now the dish-washing tablets and powdered dish soap. I am very pleased and will continue to be a loyal customer! Amazing! Thank you for helping save our planet!" —Chris

    Get it from Blueland for $69.

    24. An abstract rug that's sure to have your houseguests ~floored~ by your exquisite taste in home decor.

    Multi-colored rug with one rectangular end and one circular end
    CeeMee Rug Studio

    Promising review: "I love this rug! The quality is amazing and the colors are even more beautiful in person!" —Jackie Buys

    Get it from CeeMee Rug Studio on Etsy for $128.22+ (available in two colors and sizes).

    25. A sturdy sofa that's equal parts modern and cozy, for sprucing up your space with a piece that looks suspiciously (adorably) like a childhood pillow fort.

    Three-seater sofa with plush cushions supported by minimalist, upright legs

    Promising review: "This sofa is everything I was looking for. It's stylish and adds a fun pop of color in my apartment. The cushions are comfortable and don’t slip. The overall construction is sturdy and clearly built to last. The fact that my next move will be infinitely easier without having to Friends-style 'pivot' down a staircase is a big plus!" —Jacob B.

    Get it from FLOYD for $1,195+ (available in five colors, three sizes, and two leg styles).

    26. A complete emergency preparedness kit packed full of the necessities you need in a crisis, so you won't feel lost trying to figure out what's important to have at-the-ready. ~Orange~ you glad this kit does the hard work for you?

    A product shot of three different kit options, one large container, one fanny pack, and one waterproof backpack

    The starter kit has products focused on warmth, first aid, food, water, etc. and is designed for one person, to fit in a small apartment or car. Each kit from their grows, adding in essential items for snowstorms, hurricanes, floods, and frequently evacuated areas.

    Promising review: (the safe kit) "I’m very pleased and impressed with my kit. Everything is so organized and thorough — I could never put all of this together on my own." —Stacy M.

    Get it from Judy for $45+ (available in five kit styles).

    27. A faaancy hydrating serum that TBH is worth purchasing for the gorg packaging alone – fortunately it's also a great option for people who suffer from relentlessly dry skin when the seasons start changing or the lucky few of us who just have dry skin *all* year long.

    Ramblin Rose oil
    Free & True

    Looking for a full line of skincare solutions? Free & True also has complete a.m. and p.m. skincare kits! BTW, I use this myself and can confidently say that, for my pasty, peeling skin, this has been a game-changer! It's thick, but absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling instantly smooth.

    Get it from Free & True for $68.

    28. A stunning auxetic mesh chair for anyone who has finally realized investing in their home office is really worth it. This piece of eco-friendly furniture (that's literally made from 10 pounds of plastic waste) provides flexible and form-fitting support. Your spine is worth it.


    I have this very chair in my own home office! I live in a small apartment, so having pieces of furniture I can use in multiple ways is crucial. This is lightweight and so comfortable I feel like it's lying to me. There's no reason an upright chair should feel this good, but it does! It's lightweight, which makes it easy to move around my place, and the design works in every room. I use it in my office, as extra seating in my living room, and when I sit at my table for dinner.

    Get it from Noho for $375 (available in two colors).

    29. And finally, a preserved fern ball that requires EXACTLY zero upkeep – hang this thing up and hang out with it forever more! A plant you won't kill? Worth every penny.

    Round moss ball with fern leaves spreading from the top, includes hanging strings
    The Sill

    Have no fear for your furry friends! Even if you leave this where they can reach it, it's pet-safe!

    Get it from The Sill for $75.

    You, looking at your new purchase and knowing it was totally worth it:

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