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    33 Practical Things To Buy For Your Yard

    Finding the perfect canopy umbrella (or kooky cute squirrel feeder) can actually make the great outdoors, you know, great.

    1. A portable 120-inch screen that'll turn your family's regular movie night into a fun night out (at least, out to the backyard). This is lightweight, sturdy, and reviewers say it's a cinch to set up.

    2. A poolside rocking chair — an elegant addition to your outdoor furniture sure to help you relax under the sun. Or, if you'd prefer, sit in this rocker, turn on some Led Zepplin, and *ahem* ROCK ON!! It's your yard, do what you want!

    Low white piping rocking chair in grassy backyard

    3. A canopy to create some shade in your sunny yard without taking away from the open fresh-airy-ness that brought you outside in the first place.

    4. A poolside sign that's gonna give your kids clear instructions about where they should hang their wet towels and swimsuits. Having soggy towels strewn about the patio is about to be a thing of the past, people!

    Rectangular wooden sign with metal hooks. The sign says "Towels and Suits" in a nautical script.

    5. A set of outdoor string lights – they'll be a particularly *bright* idea if your goal is to dazzle everyone who steps into your yard at night.

    6. A bestselling squirrel picnic table to be the *most* practical purchase you could make for your yard...if ridiculously adorable wildlife photos are what you want in life.

    Farmhouse picnic table mounted to a tree trunk with a metal bucket on the table top

    7. A bug zapper that'll attract and zap creepy crawlies and nasty mosquitos who try and ~bug~ you all summer long.

    8. Or a citronella candle so you can keep those bugs away while enjoying a soothing sent at the same time.

    Candle in glass jar with decorative label and lid

    9. A portable Cuisinart vertical smoker for people who only cook when they can do it outside. This *treasure* slow-cooks everything from turkey to brisket. That's a smokin' hot accessory to have in your yard, if you ask me.

    10. A four-piece furniture set that just might make your backyard better furnished than your living room.

    11. A set of four motion sensor lights you can mount pretty much anywhere in your yard, helping you see clearly when your black lab has no plans to go back inside after you let her out. Thanks to these lights, ol' Shadow will always be hiding in plain site.

    12. A raised cedar garden bed that'll help plants and produce grow weed-free. All you have to do is pour nutrient-rich soil on top. Don't have much space to begin with? Then Square Foot Gardening is a great stop to see how to grow loads with the space you've got!

    The wooden garden bed

    13. A watering can — even when you aren't watering, this useful and cute tool is sure to be a ~trunk~ load of fun to look at!

    14. A cedar oil insect killer you can use to decrease the number of fleas, mosquitoes, scorpions, beetles, and gnats that are probably calling your yard home.

    The bottle of the insect spray and kids in the background

    15. A super lightweight expandable garden hose with the ability to extend from 17 feet long to 100 feet long. ~Water~ you waiting for? Get this helpful hose before your yard dries out!

    16. A bamboo mason bee house — a friendly way to let neighboring bees know they are welcome to hang out (and pollinate the flowers) in your yard.

    Reviewer photo of the bee house, which is made with pre-rolled tubes that give bees plenty of small places to nest

    17. A portable high-top party bar – it's gonna easily store water, beer, soda, and other cocktail-ready beverages, making a random corner of your yard THE place to be this summer.

    18. A hanging hammock chair that'll make your backyard so cozy you'll wonder why the indoors even exist.

    19. A rectangular patio umbrella for protecting your favorite patio chair from becoming lava-hot in the sun. Your cheeks will thank you for it.

    An umbrella sticking out of a table and providing shade for the table and six chairs

    20. A garden dump cart sure to help you out if moving around large amounts of dirt, rock, and other materials is a common occurrence with your backyard Tetris games. It has a 600-pound capacity and easily tilts to dump, which is great, considering you're thinking of moving the coy pond any day now.

    21. A leaf blower/vacuum with a built-in mulcher. The angled snout of this blower is gonna make cleaning in awkward spots (like under your deck) a cinch. Grab this and suck up all those hidden leaves!

    A model using the leaf blower with the mulcher bag around their shoulder

    22. A reliable Webber charcoal grill that won't cost you a fortune, despite working like a far more expensive grill. Reviewers say this holds its temperature, has a large cooking area, cooks food evenly, and is easy to clean.

    23. A handy, dandy turf spreader so you can efficiently distribute seeds and fertilizer across your lawn with practically no effort.

    The turf spreader that looks like a small cart

    24. A set of decorative throw pillows with darling botanical prints that'll totally make up for the fact that your yard doesn't have a living thing in site. Gardens are HARD.

    25. A rechargeable, waterproof cooler light sure to help you out at night when you can barely see the cooler itself, let alone the drinks you have left inside it.

    26. An aesthetically pleasing firewood rack for folks who ~wood~ love to tidy up the pile of pine currently cluttering their back porch.

    Black piping rack with rounded top filled partway with chopped firewood

    27. A camping hammock with built-in netting is gonna be the perfect piece in your backyard when you'd like to snooze outside *without* mosquitoes eating you alive.

    28. A color-changing inflatable pool ball that's solar powered and lasts about eight hours on a charge, so you can turn your pool into a pool PARTY — even if you're just enjoying it on your own.

    29. A fire pit that, I'm not gonna lie, is mostly for s'mores. Also for sitting near. But s'mores definitely come first.

    Reviewer photo of the medium-size fire pit with three large logs alight

    30. A weather-resistant 8-foot wooden path to add some charm to your own secret garden.

    31. An outdoor pizza oven, because summers in the backyard are for snackin'! This is an authentic gas, charcoal, and wood-powered cooker that'll cook up to 930 degrees. It's time to spend the summer working on the perfect pizza crust.

    A pizza straight out of the oven behind it

    32. A trampoline sprinkler for keeping the kids entertained all day long. This clever summer upgrade is sure to make a splash!

    33. And finally, a fishing lure mailbox for tipping the scales of traditional mailboxes and letting your front yard in on the fun!

    Mailbox that looks like a fish-shaped lure

    When your yard becomes your favorite place in the world: