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    36 Pet Products From Amazon That You, A Human, Might Love Even More Than They Do

    A space bubble pet bed is sure to lift your spirits when life is feeling ~ruff~.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Rachael Ray Smoochies dental chews to get gunk off your pup's chompers so they can show off a pearly white smile every time you ask them to stop and smile for a photo.

    2. A cat food puzzle that'll stimulate your clever furball's brain and encourage slow eating to aid in digestion. Honestly, once you have this you'll be ~puzzled~ over how your cat ever ate without it.

    3. Or a dog version with food hidden inside of the sliding cups for overeager eaters who could give Takeru Kobayashi a run for his money.

    Dog lifting one of 12 small cups to reveal food hidden underneath

    4. A hammock bed – it's gonna be a welcome addition to your critter's cage and give you all a chance to really ~hang out~ together.

    5. A de-shedding FURminator (in cat, dog, AND small animal versions) for pet owners who would prefer living in their shed to living in the house with pets who shed so much.

    6. A step ledge that'll provide a comfortable hiding spot when your lizard or crayfish wants time alone, but'll also give them a nice spot to climb on when they're feelin' cute and want you to get a good look.

    7. A window bed to give your favorite bird watcher the perfect perch when they're far too tired to keep playing.

    8. A tennis ball launcher that's gonna save your rotator cuff from Rowdy's endless games of fetch. Plus, this thing will make your throws so impressive it's not far fetched to feel confident that your dog will, for once, tire out.

    9. A hiking backpack you can put on your pooch if you decide it's *their* turn to hold their poop bags for once.

    10. A hammock and vine set made with natural fibers and designed with a lovely woven pattern. Your gecko (and like, Gwyneth Paltrow) is sure to give this boho-chic piece two thumbs up.

    11. A pizza squeaker – a truly ~cheesy~ chew toy your doggo is gonna find delectable, despite their lactose intolerance.

    12. A carrot tree toy that'll spruce up your rabbit or guinea pig's place with some munch-worthy decor they'll adore.

    White and gray rabbit sitting beside the woven toy. Four faux carrots dangle down from the center pole.

    13. A mountable rock cave for snakes who have a habit of creeping up the edges of their enclosure. Attach this against the glass and they just might decide it's the best place for snoozing...instead of creeping out of the screen door to nap in your sneakers.

    14. A floating fetch toy sure to give your water baby the chance to doggy paddle to their heart's content.

    15. A water fountain that'll filter your tank baby's water and give their enclosure a unique and lovely accent piece. All the other neighborhood lizards will be *so* jealous of their fancy mini waterfall.

    16. A folding step ladder to put your mind at ease when Fido starts aging and needs a helping hand to get up and down from the furniture.

    Corgi beside stairs leading onto chair. There are four steps.

    17. Greenies Pill Pockets – a saving grace for anyone whose dog would rather act like a pill than take the pills prescribed by their vet.

    18. A treat ball your guinea pig, rabbit, or hedgehog is sure to have a ~ball~ playing with, because it keeps them active and engages their natural foraging instincts.

    19. An obedience recall leash so you can feel secure (and thus, have more fun!) while teaching your dog to run and return. The leashes go up to 100 feet so you can *really* wear out your energetic pup/work on your throwing arm.

    20. A betta bed – it's gonna seem ~fishy~ how much your swimming kid loves laying around on this simple, little leaf!

    Reviewer's photo of betta fish on leaf hammock

    21. A cardboard cat scratcher that'll help keep your kitto's nails clean and give them a scratch-friendly surface. Your sofa is already so excited.

    22. A hamster house with a ladder, climbing wall, sleeping nest, and balcony, because you want to give your baby the best! And you most certainly will be, considering they will now have a nicer place than you do.

    23. An eye-safe laser toy you can set to play when you're away, so your cat can be on the hunt at all times. Or use this when you're home but you'd rather watch a movie than wave a laser around.

    Action shot of cat chasing laser with graphic that says "Play-All-Day mode lets your cat play while you are away"

    24. A Ripple Rug – an interactive play mat (made out of recycled plastic bottles!) that'll allow your cat to hide, sleep, scratch, groom, and pounce. Your cat will love playing in this, and it'll be equally entertaining to watch.

    25. A plush log toy even your most shy and ~squirrely~ pupper is gonna adore.

    A collie looking inside the plush tree stump with five squirrel dolls inside and around the stump

    26. An agility course to fill your backyard with fun and entertain any clever K-9 who thinks learning new tricks is all just fun and games.

    Dog standing in square with several agility tools behind it

    27. A track tower that's so loved by reviewers it's likely gonna be a big hit at your house!

    28. A chic modern cat bed with such a cool vibe it'll have both you and Mr. Mittens feeling all bubbly inside.

    29. A wooden ladder bridge to elevate your hamster's enclosure and give it a sweet lil' aesthetic – they ~wood~ definitely be grateful!

    Hamster under wooden bridge made from sticks covered with greenery

    30. A set of mini-sneakers your feathered hype beast is gonna love with all their heart and ~sole.~

    31. A soothing behavioral aid toy with a faux heartbeat that's sure to be your puppy's ~dream~ toy and help *you* finally get to sleep while crate-training.

    Puppy sleeping beside toy

    32. Or a purring cat toy that'll adorably soothe your anxious sweetheart by giving them the sensation of curling up next to another purring pal.

    33. A tug-of-war toy so soft on your dog's chompers you won't have to worry about your K-9 losing a canine while the two of you fight to see who is the alpha. Spoiler alert: it's not you.

    34. A pack of 10 12-inch faux plants that are gonna make your fish tank look like the underwater jungle your goldfish Gil wants and deserves!

    Tall green fake plants in a large fish tank

    35. A cat feeder to encourage your kitty to eat more slowly while also engaging their natural hunting instincts. Grab these and you and your cat will have a game of hide-and-seek going 24/7.

    36. And finally, a Furbo so you can give your homebody baby voice commands, throw them treats, and keep playtime going even when you aren't around.

    The (TBH shocking) amount of approval from your cat when they see their new gift:

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