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    18 Period-Related Products From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    These products are so good you'll almost wish you needed them menstrall month long... almost.

    Please note that these aren't medical recommendations. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any kind of treatment.

    1. A period guidebook with some serious As Told By Ginger vibes for preteens and parents who know the value of open communication about all things menstruation.

    2. A unisex-style leakproof brief that'll lighten your load (i.e. the handful of tampons and pads you usually throw in your bag) on lighter days.

    3. A pair of organic cotton pads (with wings!) so you can steer clear of chemicals when your hormones are giving you enough grief as it is.

    4. An electric micro-pulse kit, a drug-free menstrual pain relief system – some say it's basically an "off" switch for cramps and it'll be easy to wear under your clothes when you're on the go. It's said to work within 30 seconds (no waiting for pills to kick in) and can be effective whether you feel cramps in your abdomen or lower back.

    5. A menstrual cup for environmentally-minded folks who are sick and tired of spending what could be monthly chocolate money on disposable period products.

    6. And a cup wash, because cleaning your menstrual cups with an appropriate cleanser is gonna be great for your body and the integrity of your cup (it also just makes washing it way, way easier).

    7. A collapsable menstrual cup case to keep your cup nice and clean when you carry it around while you travel (or, if you're like me, carry it around with you everywhere all the time always just in case).

    8. A box of body cloths that are sure to help you feel fresh when your hormones decide your body needs a bath... immediately.

    9. A box of organic tampons (with plastic applicators) for anyone who loves a quality cotton tampon as much as they love the quality cotton sheets they plan on snoozing in all period long.

    10. Or a box of Tampax Pearl tampons that, despite the lovely name, will give you frill-free coverage all the live long day.

    11. A pack of disposable heat patches you can stick on your body so you can stick with your active lifestyle, abdominal cramps be damned!

    12. A box of Midol (pain reliever classic) that'll have your ovaries cheering when you pop one in your mouth and it helps overcome cramps, fatigue, and sudden mood-swings.

    13. An essential oil stick you're gonna want to ~stick~ with forever when you see how well it works on those nasty monthly migraines.

    14. A natural stain remover that'll get rid of menstrual blood stains without harsh chemicals (your underwear has had a rough enough time as it is).

    15. A king-sized heating pad to have you covered, literally, even if your entire lower half is aching (no more doubling up on heating pads!).

    16. Or a cute temperature therapy pillow you can throw in the microwave when your cramps need some heat or put in the freezer when your aching joints want ice.

    17. A pack of disposable menstrual discs — an alternative to tampons and a great way to enjoy mess-free sex while on your period.

    18. And finally, a book on period power that'll emphasize how empowering menstruation can (and should) be.

    Never be afraid to glow with the flow!

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