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    31 Kitchen Products That May Trick People Into Thinking You're A Chef

    Ina Garten, is that you? Judging by those snazzy knives and that pasta's gotta be.

    1. A seven-piece knife set, each made with matrix powder steel and a fused design (the handle and blade are one solid piece). The first time you cook with these you're gonna know splurge-worthy knives are truly a ~cut~ above the rest.

    2. A genius tofu press so you can efficiently drain tofu to get the perfect texture and taste, mess not included.

    Tofu being pressed inside plastic container

    3. A bottle of ultra-fancy olive oil with smooth tasting notes of nut, green tomato, and green pear that's sure to turn a simple plate of pasta into sheer perfection.

    Olive oil bottle on kitchen counter

    4. A partyclette for cold nights when a hearty, warm meal sounds sensational. Remind me, who is the ~cheesiest~ chef in your home? That's right, YOU are!

    Gadget over flame cooking cheese. Includes base and wood handle.

    5. A mandolin slicer with a precision grip handle and safety cap that'll help you chop 'til you drop, with no worries of a single cut or nick. You're about to become a prep cook professional.

    Hand hold mandolin slicer with grip tool holding small vegetable

    6. And a rotary peeler with the choice of three different blade types, for perfectly peeling all your favorite fruits and vegetables — helping you ~produce~ some seriously impressive slices.

    Peeler beside carros, a tomato, and a potato

    7. A mini KitchenAid stand mixer — if you're worried your shoebox-sized apartment won't fit a mixer worthy of your big baking dreams, think again. You're gonna be pleasantly surprised by this little guy!

    Small stand mixer around vegetables and baked goods

    8. A bestselling pair of kitchen shears for anyone who realized they've been doing their prep work all wrong after watching Always Be My Maybe.

    Dark colored kitchen shears

    9. A professional cream whipper that'll fill your dessert-loving heart to the brim (much like the bowl of whipped cream you eat after getting this).

    10. A gorgeous wood pasta cutter sure to help you get on a ~roll~ with your handmade pasta goals. I can already see the proud tears in your grandparents' eyes.

    Pasta-cutting roller on table with dough cut into strips

    11. A craft wok – it's gonna keep you from feeling ~fried~ while making stir fry. Tiny pans just don't cut it!

    Large wok with wooden handle

    12. A pizza stone so you can improve on your delivery pizza life. Get ready to become a true crust-texture snob, because the results from this pizza stone ~rock~.

    Large rectangular pizza on thick pizza stone

    13. A DIY kimchee kit for making probiotic-rich kimchee at home. This step-by-step kit is a great way to give you confidence in the kitchen and, after your first batch, the tools are there for you every time you get a hankering for some delectable sour cabbage.

    Full jar of DIY kimchee

    14. A cookie gun, so you can singlehandedly redefine the term "cookie shot."

    15. A heat proof pastry brush that'll help you ~brush up~ on your basting skills like a master chef.

    Brush smothering sauce on cooking meat

    16. A three-in-one Ninja kitchen set that's gonna blend and process just about every treat you can think of (looking at you, cookie dough).

    17. A tortilla press kit made in Mexico out of old Singer sewing machines...seriously. You'll be hard pressed to find another tortilla maker this high quality *and* lovely. Go ahead, leave this useful piece of decor out on the counter.

    Bright red tortilla maker with balls of dough beside flat, finished pieces

    18. A cake slicer so you can easily serve up perfect portions of your famous cake, because we all know that smushing a wine glass into a cake (trend-setting as it may be) doesn't exactly leave a cake looking lovely.

    Curved single serve slicer with piece of chocolate cake inside, taken from a full cake in the background

    19. A fancy kitchen scale to make your kitchen look VERY professional — your parents will constantly ~weigh in~ on who got you to be so grown-up.

    Small sleek scale weighing chocolate chips

    20. A bread maker that'll help you bake perfect loaves of bread using only one container. The partially closed design allows steam to circulate to keep your bread from drying out, while the openings on the side help heat disperse evenly, creating a golden crust. This lil' tool will help you ~rise~ to the occasion any time an occasion calls for baked bread.

    21. A compact air fryer, because if roaming around on TikTok has taught you anything, it's that air fryers are gonna be the new ovens. Ovens are out, people. Sooo old school.

    The air fryer in red, featuring an analog timer, round temperature dial, and convenient handle for removing the basket

    22. A garlic twist for getting a perfect mince in a matter of seconds.

    Someone holding the clear gadget with garlic inside

    23. And an herb stripper so you can easily separate each herb from its stem, cutting your prep-time in half.

    Person stripping herbs with leaf-sized tool. The tool has different sized holes for different herbs.

    24. An Always Pan designed with a slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a steaming basket, and a wooden spoon that hooks onto the handle for folks who want a pan that truly does it all.

    Pan with lid off and cooked meal inside

    25. A handcrafted mortar and pestle — an unnecessarily stunning multi-use kitchen tool that'll help you create pastes, crush spices, and infuse flavors into your meals (like ginger and chilis) with ease.

    Tall wooden bowl with rounded stamping spoon

    26. A microplane because when it comes down to it, zesting your lemons with a box grater isn't gonna cut it.

    27. A pack of cheese storage paper that'll even make your leftovers look professional.

    Cheese covered up with paper before being placed in the fridge

    28. A nitro cold brew maker sure to make you espres-so excited about your daily cup (or, um, cups) of coffee. If you're stuck at home all the time, be your OWN barista.

    Stainless steel cold brew maker with curved spout

    29. A rice cooker that'll be a lot more consistent than simmering rice over the stove. With this, you'll get *chef's kiss* perfect results every time.

    The silver rice cooker which has a digital timer and seven buttons

    30. A hot chocolate kit with a handmade ceramic mug and molinillo and Oaxacan chocolate tablets — with these tools, even your desserts can be handcrafted.

    Handmade molinillo with mug and chocolate shards

    31. And finally, a smoking cloche — a suuuper snazzy way to infuse unique flavors into food and drinks. This is gonna prove your cooking skills are ~smokin'~ hot.

    Mixed drink inside glass dome filled with seasoning smoke

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