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    Just 27 Things From Walmart You'll Want To Buy For Your Baby

    A fox swaddle, diaper wipe warmer, book on quantum physics, and 24 other things the baby in your life *definitely* deserves.

    1. A book on quantum physics for when you've read Goodnight Moon 13 times in the last 13 nights and you've decided they're ready for something *slightly* more advanced.

    2. A colorful onesie so your kid can look choco-lit all day long.

    3. A pack of organic blueberry and fig teething wafers that'll ease their gums and give them a palate as sophisticated as Alton Brown's.

    4. A knitted fox swaddle to embrace your love for Wes Anderson films with your very own Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    5. A WiFi baby monitor so you can easily see and communicate with your baby from your phone (and so you can have a robot that's almost as cute as your baby).

    6. A diaper wipe warmer that's sure to soothe your sweetheart and help keep their cheeks clean.

    7. A baby walker that'll adjust to your kiddo's abilities almost up to the time when they get their driver's permit.

    8. A adjustable crib with an attached changing/storage station that converts into a toddler bed and a love seat to adjust and grow alongside your kiddo.

    9. A mesh fresh food feeder for introducing your little one to the joys of roast beef without actually having to chew it (jealous).

    10. A clip-on stroller fan that's gonna keep your baby cool so you can stay outside all summer.

    11. A diaper organizer sure to efficiently (and adorably) store your baby's bottoms...we're not lion.

    12. And a onesie that'll conveniently say what their diaper is thinking.

    13. A stand-on stroller — it'll be a lifesaver for any parent with an active toddler and a napping baby when all you need is a break from the house and a walk around the block.

    14. A pair of shoes for when your baby decides it's time to start monkeying around.

    15. A bottle warmer that's prepped to make your baby a drink with even more specifications than the ones you order at Starbucks.

    16. A multi-use wrap that's gonna have your kiddo covered (literally) in almost any situation.

    17. An eating and activity seat to make your baby feel like they're at Disneyland (because they're a baby and won't know the difference).

    18. A baby shusher to calmly quiet your baby in a way your exhausted voice simply can't manage during your sleepless 4am feeding shift.

    19. A duck tub that'll make bathing a breeze for babies who are too big for the sink and too small for the tub.

    20. A baby mirror so your ridiculously cute kid can start finding their good side for all the selfies they're sure to be taking in no time!

    21. A print kit to keep your baby's picture-perfect prints around forever. It may be ink-free, but we still have an ink-ling you're gonna love this one.

    22. A silicone food tray that'll (finally) keep your kiddo's food in place long enough to get it in their mouth.

    23. A WubbaNub (which many babies are basically more attached to than their umbilical cords) — it's the holy grail of baby toys and will keep your little one cuddled and comforted 24/7.

    24. A set of star decals for making any nursery space shine.

    25. A baby swing that'll truly rock your world when you need some help simply getting into the swing of things when it comes to soothing your baby.

    26. A turtle activity gym so cute, it's something you're simply gonna have to ~sea~ to believe.

    27. And a bath lotus that's sure to help your baby smell fresh as a daisy.

    Now go enjoy some bonding time with your favorite baby!

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