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    26 Cheap Dresses I Will Be Buying In Every Color, Thank You Very Much

    I'll have one in that color and also in all of the other colors. Thank you.

    1. A Jersey dress you are ~shore~ to love in every color.

    2. A velvet shift that'll be as soft on the outside as your sweet self is on the inside.

    3. A high neck mini made of scuba material so striking you know you're gonna end up taking the ~plunge~ and getting it in way too many colors.

    4. A bright and bold cowl neck mini that'll make a maximum impression no matter where you wear it.

    5. A sweater dress for a comforting alternative on chilly days when all you really want is to stay under your blankets all day.

    6. A ruffled shirt dress that'll be (literally) cute as a button.

    7. An off-the-shoulder cocktail dress to get you to go out every Friday night just so you can show it off... in all the colors you get.

    8. A drawstring dress with such lovely details in each version you're gonna find yourself in a ~draw~ between at least two. Fortunately you can just get both.

    9. A fishnet T-shirt dress for people who know how to ~mesh~ unique layers together all year long.

    10. A casual maxi dress you can casually wear every single day of the week, in every single color.

    11. A ribbed turtleneck dress your mind is gonna ~wine~ about until you get it on your body.

    12. A corduroy jumper to bring you back to the '90s, because you can basically get this jumper in every color of Power Ranger.

    13. A long-sleeved tunic for anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve and needs sleeves to do it!

    14. A ribbed midi with a rounded neckline — you'll want to have this piece around forever.

    15. A flowy tunic (with pockets!) in colors as bright as your smile will be when you wear it.

    16. A sexy sweater dress to prove that you can be incredibly cozy and sexy at the same time.

    17. A long-sleeved bodycon that'll keep you warm and hug your curves the way they deserve.

    18. A flowing floral dress with buttons and a high waistline. For anyone who doesn't want to ~waist~ time deciding between these dresses — it's best to get at least three.

    19. A charming velvet tunic with sheer patterned sleeves and a billowing cut that'll get you to cut out everything in your closet to make room for... all of these.

    20. A velvet swing dress made for dancing, dining, and doing basically everything in.

    21. A spaghetti strap dress with pockets so perfect you'll want to give them a ~hand.~

    22. A chiffon dress you are never gonna want to take chiff-off.

    23. A short sleeve midi so versatile it's sure to change the way you wear your wardrobe.

    24. A boatneck tea dress in enough lovely colors you should probably get one for all the people in your book club too.

    25. A short sleeved dress sure to be a winner in every color and occassion. With this dress, you're never gonna ~stripe~ out.

    26. And finally, a cinched waist midi that'll compliment any occasion — no matter what you're doing you'll always be able to simply grab this and get dressed in a ~cinch~!

    IRL video of your closet after reading this post.

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