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    34 Dresses You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    Dress to impress.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bright spaghetti strap dress so cute, you're gonna want to eat it up.

    2. A V-neck piece that'll put a ~wrap~ on your hunt for the perfect everyday dress.

    3. A layered ruffle tunic for anyone who wants to be cozy, cute, and comfortable even when it's cold.

    4. An oversized sweatshirt dress that proves wearing a dress doesn't have to mean dressing up.

    5. A floral button up — it's gonna be your go-to dress whenever the occasion calls for something subtly sensational.

    6. A twirly backless dress with adjustable straps for literally everyone who wants to look fantastic while frolicking, dancing, or standing over a subway grate.

    7. A knee-length collar dress (that the Addams Family would approve of in black), which is clearly made for wearing on a Wednesday.

    8. A flannel shirt dress so you can make all your lumberjack dreams come true after a ~log~ hard day behind a desk.

    9. A bold midi dress for days when you want to dress to impress but also just want to throw something on and go.

    10. A corduroy jumper that'll fit every fall trend coming your way.

    11. An asymmetrical bodycon to make you look chic, sophisticated, and stunning AF.

    12. A casual pencil dress great to wear during those rare moments when you find time in your busy schedule to ~pencil in~ brunch with your besties.

    13. A floral maxi with a vintage edge that is basically begging to be worn with dad sneakers.

    14. An off-shoulder mini that might be tiny, but it's gonna be mighty.

    15. A kitten dress with a sweet little face and a big crisp collar. Keep an eye on this one, because your friends will wanna get their ~paws~ on this and whisk-er it away the minute they see it!

    16. A colorblock tee dress every sweet-tee is sure to love.

    17. A stretchy slim fit dress made for first dates and family dinners when you wanna look great and also wanna fit an entire burrito in your stomach without having to unbutton your pants.

    18. A skater dress with dainty '90s details Miss Honey (and Matilda) would love.

    19. Or a space dress fit for our other favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle!

    20. A hoodie dress to clearly say, "Live every day like it's Saturday."

    21. A ruffled velvet dress that'll look so shiny and chic your friends will be green with envy.

    22. A lovely cocktail swing dress made for your wedding day, or every day.

    23. A dinosaur dress you're gonna look like dinomite in.

    24. A colorblock tunic that'll look so good in your closet, it'll make you forget you own anything else.

    25. A lace overlay dress for your special day, even if your "special day" is just a Taco Tuesday.

    26. A massive sweater dress so you can basically wear a blanket all day long on days when you wish you never had to leave your bed.

    27. A perfect A-line dress you're gonna want in every color but will not buy in every color (you have to draw the ~a-line~ somewhere).

    28. A breathable maxi with soft, stretchy material and pockets — basically if you could only wear one thing for the rest of your life, it should be this.

    29. An airy V-neck midi you will ~knot~ wanna live without.

    30. A floral day dress so you can flaunt some flowers on a day out with your ~buds.~

    31. A versatile cocktail dress for a night out or a day in church (thanks to that ~holy~ lace).

    32. A striped maxi for tall people who still want to sweep the floor with their fashion sense.

    33. An ombre dress to be a statement piece to ~dye~ for!