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    36 Ingeniously Upgraded Versions Of Common Products

    A plasma lighter, LED gloves, snap-sheet bedding, and 33 other upgraded products that'll literally upgrade your life.

    1. A pair of nail clippers that'll catch your nails as you trim them, saving you from picking up the nasty little pieces.

    2. A pasta pot with a built-in strainer, so you can lock the lid, strain out any liquids, and save time/storage space by not using a traditional colander.

    3. A plasma lighter with an extended handle that'll make lighting candles, grills, and fireplaces far easier, with a battery life that seems almost endless. This really is the perfect ~match~ for anyone who ever needs a little light.

    4. A five-piece multitasking kitchen set sure to save on kitchen space and save the day when you need a million tools and have the patience to work with no more than five.

    5. A sleeping bag suit that's gonna keep you toasty and let you stay in "bed" the entire time you camp.

    6. A trio of Baby Lips lip balm with sunscreen, healing moisture, and color for anyone who ~pouts~ whenever they apply lipstick without properly caring for their lips ahead of time.

    7. A smart notebook that can scan your handwritten notes and then let you erase everything with a microwave, so you can save on paper while still getting the solid feeling of pen and paper. Honestly, it won't be long before this thing starts making (micro)waves.

    8. A heat conductive ice cream scoop ready to make impatient ice cream eaters ice–scream with joy when they are able to scoop out their dessert in seconds — straight out of the freezer.

    9. A volumizing mousse enhanced with black currant extract, beet root extract, and coconut oil that'll nourish hair and seriously lift you (and your roots) up.

    10. An 18K rose gold portable cell charger thin enough to fit inside your wallet and save your skin when your phone needs a little ~Apple juice~ while you're out.

    11. A runaway alarm clock that'll force chronic-snooze-button-users to get out of bed and get on a ~roll~ the minute their day begins.

    12. An elastic belt so you can simply snap your belt on, forget about dealing with in-between hole sizes, and sport a sleek design all at the same time.

    13. A stunning dust pan for tidy A-types who want their cleaning tools to be as beautiful as their picture perfect place.

    14. A jar of toothpaste tablets, made to eliminate plastic waste and keep your teeth feeling healthy and clean, for anyone who thinks responsible hygiene sounds like a ~breath~ of fresh air.

    15. A salt shooter that'll be far superior to the fly swatter... or the salt shaker, for that matter.

    16. A vegan aloe and rose clay soap which, unlike the majority of bar soaps, won't dry out your skin — so you can enjoy the satisfaction of a luxe bar of soap without sacrificing your skin.

    17. Or a steel bar of soap that'll quickly eliminate those hard-to-lose smells like onion, fish, and garlic (reviewers also say this works great on B.O., apparently).

    18. An adaptive foam pillow that is designed to be cool, breathable, soft, and supportive for people who dream of finally getting a good night's sleep.

    19. A bento box to make your homemade lunch look even tastier than pizza day in elementary school, while also being the most efficient way to carry your meals in an organized manner.

    20. A rainbow knife set that'll add some real color to your dishes, no matter how bland your recipes occasionally turn out.

    21. A spinning brush cleaner you're gonna be glad to invest in — especially when you realize just how dirty the brush you've been rubbing all over your face is.

    22. A weighted blanket to help you feel calm and secure so you can fall asleep fast and sleep easy all night long.

    23. A cutting board that'll fit over your sink, saving you counter space when prepping food and saving you from the cleanup that comes from prepping juicy foods on the counter.

    24. A razor subscription that'll let you skip paying that stupid pink tax and make your shaving a ~cut~ above the rest (without, you know, the cuts).

    25. A pair of fingerless LED gloves sure to come in ~handy~ when you're working in a dark spot and need a little bit of light to brighten up the job that needs to be done.

    26. Or a pair of touchscreen gloves for when the job at hand is simply taking the perfect Instagram photo out in the cold.

    27. A wine shelf for efficiently storing every glass and bottle you've got, while also looking impossibly chic any place you put it.

    28. A butter bell that'll keep your butter spreadable and soft 24/7 — simply press a stick of room temperature butter into the top, fill the bottom with a little bit of water, and place it on the counter. You'll have rich and creamy butter that'll be the most satisfying thing since sliced bread.

    29. A pack of mushroom coffee to possibly boost your metabolism while giving you a caffeine boost in the mornings — letting you enjoy a more beneficial breakfast in an instant (instant coffee, that is).

    30. A set of Matryoshka measuring cups — they'll nestle into a small corner and take up hardly any space, even if you insist on keeping them on display 24/7.

    31. A Wallet Ninja that can open boxes, peel fruit, screw in basically anything, and get almost any job done without a toolbox in sight.

    32. A Yeti tumbler that'll keep your drink the perfect temperature all day long.

    33. A Quip subscription that includes everything you need to keep your toothbrush up-to-date and clean, even while on vacation, so you can ~brush up~ on your oral hygiene.

    34. A rotating makeup organizer that'll keep your makeup organized, saving you precious time when you get ready in the mornings instead of using those extra minutes searching for the right mascara wand.

    35. A set of Primary bedding sure to be a ~snap~ to wash, while also being the most luxurious bedding you've ever drifted off to dreamland in.

    36. And finally, a standing ladle that eliminates the need for a spoon rest... and any need for pre-dinner entertainment.

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