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    28 Comfy Things You'll Want In Your Backyard

    Turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis with these ultra-comfy options.

    1. A chaise lounge that'll make lounging by your pool feel ultra-luxurious...even if your "pool" is inflatable and full of rambunctious 6-year-olds. Don't they know how nice it is to just lay near the water?!

    two retro pool chairs with adjustable backs for lying down. they are made with white piping and two pads.

    2. A three-piece rocking patio set for cozy nights when the only thing you and boo have planned is enjoying a drink and chatting on the porch.

    two cushioned rocking chairs with rounded bamboo bases and a matching side table

    3. A hanging porch swing – a charming porch accessory that's gonna give you a chance to ~rock~ all day long (Led Zepplin not included).

    classic wooden porch swing in black hung up with standard chains

    4. A tufted rug you can place on your deck to create a warm environment that's far more comfortable on your feet than the rather splintery wood underneath.

    white and cream rug placed in open mudroom. the pattern is slightly raised and fluffy.

    5. A handwoven hammock that's so dang picturesque you'll be one step closer to recreating your favorite 5-star resort, in your backyard! The travel time is MUCH better than a flight to the Bahamas.

    6. An acacia wood sofa designed to handle rough weather with ease. If you're worried about the salty air, high winds, humidity, etc. around your place, then this sofa is SO for you!

    three-seater sofa with white and natural wood frame and six waterproof cushions

    7. A curved lounger, with a surprisingly soothing shape, for laid-back folks who want outdoor furniture that really goes with the flow.

    8. A three-piece woven rope set – these rocking chairs and matching table look equal parts modern, bohemian, and earthy. Apparently, we CAN have it all!

    round rocking chairs made with woven rope and a small table beside them. it is also made with rope and has a matching piping frame and glass top.

    9. A gorgeous outdoor bench – a splurge-worthy option you just might NEED to justify buying, considering how loudly your backyard is begging for it. This thing is, sigh, so beautiful.

    10. An Opalhouse patio sectional with a spiffy L-shape that's gonna give you *options* when you plan on reading in your yard allll day long.

    natural rattan L-shaped sofa with beige cushions beside matching table, placed in front of a pool

    11. A complete six-person dining set sure to have your yard looking extra elegant and put-together during your next family get-together.

    teak wood table with six bucket seats on matching wood legs

    12. An indoor/outdoor daybed cushion for weekends when you plan on relaxing so hard you won't even be exerting the effort to sit up. Good on ya!

    tufted cushion with handles to carry it and ruffled edges

    13. An iron garden swing you can put up if your definition of "comfy" is basically anything that could have been pulled off a Tim Burton set. Gaudy goths, you gotta love 'em.

    traditional iron garden swing with curved designs in the a-frame and a swinging chair in the center

    14. A retro beach umbrella sure to add some charm to your backyard *and* protect your skin from cooking under the summer sun.

    15. A machine-washable hiking blanket that's lightweight and incredibly cozy, for anyone who specifically tells ghost stories around the fire pit with goals to snuggle in the safety of their boo's arms. Ugh, that's very cute of you.

    A puffy blanket with a multicolored image of Yellowstone hot springs

    16. A four-piece wicker chair set to add charm to your backyard with ease. Plus, the cushions on each seat are comfortable enough you and your best friends are gonna chat all day long without ever wishing you were sitting on the living room sofa instead.

    wicker dining chairs with rounded backs, seat cushions, and thin upright cushions

    17. A gazebo that'll help break up your yard into different areas, designating a place to eat, chat, and hide from the sun. This also has mesh to protect you from bugs!

    steel and vinyl gazebo with mosquito nets on each leg

    18. An outdoor sofa you can get if you want your backyard looking as sophisticated as the inside of your home. This piece is a knockout *and* it can handle bad weather like a champ.

    large outdoor sofa made with a teakwood frame and several plush cushions

    19. A super plush chair sure to delight anyone who believes in extra cushy comfort.

    cushy chair with plush arms and back. it is striped and has four decorative buckles on the front bottom, where there are no legs

    20. A botanical rug you'll love so much you won't beleaf you used to think your backyard was complete without it.

    decorative rug on a patio. it has a large palm leaf pattern repeating throughout.

    21. An outdoor throw pillow for sprucing up your space with indoor-worthy decor. (TBH just by looking at this I can tell it's the perfect pillow to prop up a book while reading. I KNOW these things.)

    22. A hanging rattan chair with a cradled shape you can snuggle up in when being wrapped up safe and snug while enjoying the breeze in your backyard sounds extra nice.

    curved chair hanging from ceiling. decorated with two pillows and a throw blanket.

    23. Or an egg chair option with everything you need to set it up stat!

    rattan chair on round metal base. includes plush seat.

    24. An embroidered pouf that's genuinely made for the outdoors, so you can finally create a plush and cozy space that's exactly your taste!

    gray pouf with tassel details in cube shape

    25. Or an oversized patio ottoman that'll work great as a table, a bench, or a footrest. Your yard deserves furniture that's as functional as it is fun!

    white rectangular cushion over a simple wooden frame

    26. An outdoor swivel chair to add a fun ~spin~ on the traditional patio furniture you currently have.

    rounded plush chair with two pillows

    27. An indoor/outdoor accent chair that's gonna give one corner of your yard some serious Ina Garten's-Hampton's-garden vibes. Which is, to say, the best of vibes.

    thin accent chair with white cushions, wooden frame, fabric-covered arm rests, and woven back

    28. And, finally, a canopy patio chair to protect your precious skin from the summer sun AND have you lookin' like royalty every time you take a seat. It's just that fancy.

    black cushion chair with matching tasseled canopy held together with bamboo frame

    When you look at your backyard and start picturing it full of comfy, cozy things:

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