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    33 Things Anyone Who Loves Cats Will Want To Add To Their Wardrobe

    You're gonna want to ~purrchase~ every one of these.

    1. A customizable shirt for pet parents who would prefer spending all day looking at their kitto's face.

    2. A pair of sneakers you know you need on your feet — no ifs, ands, or ~butts~ about it.

    3. A sophisticated button-up dress for days when you want to look as fancy as your tabby cat.

    4. A lightweight scarf — a ~pawsitively~ darling addition to your outfit any time of the year.

    5. A darling sweater dress basically begging to be covered in the fur of a real fuzzy cat.

    6. An A-line dress for your fe-line fashion sense.

    7. An Aristocats ice cream tank top with three scoops of my new favorite flavor.

    8. A button up for anyone with a furocious sense of style.

    9. A kitten pin that'll be the cherry on top of every cat owner's outfit.

    10. A pair of fingerless gloves you're gonna want to get your paws on immediately.

    11. A pair of sheer socks you know will ~mesh~ with every outfit you own.

    12. A funny T-shirt that'll have your friends drowning in dad jokes.

    13. A cat camo skirt for people who want to be somewhat discreet about their cat-lady lifestyle.

    14. A colorful button-up sure to thrill anyone who is bananas for cats.

    15. A sweatshirt you'll have your (cat) eye on forever if you don't get it soon!

    16. A pair of cotton socks that'll be the perfect fit.

    17. A shirt with such a deep V, it's gonna make you say hello titty (Whoops! I mean hello kitty.).

    18. A T-shirt for people who deserve the full wrath of your cat-itude.

    19. A kitten shift dress sure to whisk-er your partner away on date night.

    20. A pack of socks that'll keep every one of your footies fierce.

    21. A drawstring dress with long ties your cat will think were added specifically for him to play with.

    22. A colorful T-shirt dress sure to have you ~feline~ beautiful every time you wear it.

    23. A pair of flats for people who love cats, but hate kitten heels.

    24. An oversized shirt that just might be the catalyst that spurs your cat-only wardrobe fur good.

    25. A Hello Kitty hat to really have you ahead of the game when it comes to cute kitten accessories.

    26. A darling and sparkling ring — ~paws~ everything and go buy this right now!

    27. A LBD for people who love a good LBC (little black cat).

    28. An enamel pin because sometimes the only thing that can help you calm down is a cute cat in clothes.

    29. A collared shirt that'll remind you of your favorite neck warmer.

    30. A plus-size sleeved shirt so you can let them know why things just won't (or will!) work out.

    31. A slightly sheer T-shirt that'd be catastrophic to miss out on now that layering season is upon us.

    32. A blouse for anyone who knows they have the style to strut down a cat walk.

    33. A collared top so cute your friends will be saying, "Are you ~kitten~ me?!"

    34. A stunning high waist skirt to add some real cat-ure to your wardrobe.

    35. And finally, a cat holding hoodie, because clothes with cats on them are fantastic, but nothing beats clothes with cats in them. Nothing.

    Go show these off and make sure everybody ~nose~ what a cool cat you are!

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