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    26 Baby Proofing Products That Parents Actually Swear By

    You've goo goo ga got to check out these reviewer-favorite baby proofing solutions.

    1. A pack of four self-closing outlets that go way beyond those crummy plastic caps. Plus, these are gonna make your baby-proofed place look way less baby-proofed, even though they're extra safe!

    A white wall outlet with slide covers

    2. A magnetic blind cord holder you can place nice and high to keep window cords out of reach when your kiddo starts standing and reaching for everything.

    A child stretching up to reach the blind cord by the window without being able to reach it because the cord is wrapped around the round holder

    3. A set of five unbreakable flower vases with suction cup bottoms for parents with curious children who seem to do their darndest to see what things look like shattered and scattered on the floor.

    4. A lever handle lock that'll help you ~handle~ every door you'd rather your baby not get into. Keep that pantry to yourself as long as possible! Once they're older, the snack storage will totally belong to your kids.

    A lever door handle being held in place with a white lock. The lock is placed above and below the handle and has a push-button release system.

    5. Or a knitted doorknob cover sure to help you rock a baby-safe aesthetic.

    A round doorknob with a gray knitted cover

    6. A bath spout cover that's gonna be ~whaley~ useful if your kid loves squirming around during bathtime.

    A whale shaped bath cover with a spout hole for the plug attachment

    7. A refrigerator lock sure to be the ~key~ to keeping your kiddos out of the fridge. Your unbroken carton of eggs definitely appreciates your efforts.

    8. A pack of five clear stove knob covers so you can keep your pint-sized chef from cooking up mischief in the kitchen.

    Three round plastic knobs covering the handles of an oven

    9. A suction placemat that won't slide around when your baby attempts to swipe away their uneaten broccoli bits.

    10. A toilet safety seal – a solution for anyone who knows how ~crappy~ it is to wash a baby who just "washed" themselves with toilet water.

    A person unable to lift the toilet seat with the toilet attachment in the locked position. The attachment is placed on the back of the closed toilet seat and connects with the toilet tank with a push-button and twist unlocking system

    11. A darn good lookin' portable crib that'll give your child a safe and secure place to snooze and play when you've got a million other things to do.

    A baby crawling out of the bottom door in the mesh play space. All sides are clear mesh with a fabric cover on the top, covering the adjustable poles that create the frame

    12. A pack of corner guards sure to make sharp surfaces safe while still letting your style stay sharp.

    13. A pack of nonslip bathtub stickers for preventing any ~slip-ups~ during bath time.

    Twelve white lines placed horizontally in the tub to prevent slipping while standing in the bath

    14. A pack of four sliding door locks to secure patios and shower doors if your inquisitive kiddo has started exploring *everything* around them.

    One of the small locks, about the size of two fingers, being used to keep a sliding shower door closed

    15. A bedside bassinet – a ~dreamy~ bedtime solution so you can keep your sweetheart safe and snug near you while you sleep.

    A small bassinet with an open side by the parent's bed, allowing them to reach for their baby

    16. A pair of safety straps that'll keep your heavy furniture (or television sets) from being pulled down by your tiny mountain climber.

    Two strong straps drilled into the wall and the large furniture in front of it to prevent the furniture from being pulled down

    17. A pool gate that's sure to go ~swimmingly~ with safe summer fun, even when you have a water baby who would looove jumping in when grown ups aren't around.

    A child pushing against the mesh pool gate without being able to get through

    18. A four-pack of finger pinch guards you can attach to any part of your door to keep them open at all times. No hurt fingers in your house!

    A squishy guard place at the top of a door so that it stays open at all times

    19. A crib tent for babies who are at the age where they think crawling out of the crib sounds a lot more fun than sleeping in it.

    A forest themed nursery with this crib tent tied to the poles on the crib. The entire thing is mesh and breathable and the top is high enough for a child to stand and jump.

    20. A bannister guard sure to help you breathe easy if your baby's first steps are the first time you realize you've gotta cover up your bannisters.

    A baby standing up against a railing that is covered by the mesh gate, preventing them from slipping between the poles

    21. A magnetic drawer lock that works so well you're totally gonna be attached to it from day one.

    A person holding the unlocking mechanism by an open drawer, showing the lock on the other side

    22. Or turning cabinet locks for anyone who is just as worried about losing the cabinet key as they are worried about their baby getting into the cabinets.

    A locking system on the outside of two drawers. One has a round knob and the other has a turning handle that closes around the knob, blocking the doors together to prevent them from opening.

    23. A three piece padded crib rail that'll protect your baby from bonks and keep your rail from being eaten alive when teething begins.

    24. An outdoor Pop 'N Play you can set outside when you and baby have been cooped up long enough and nature starts calling your name. You can even hose this off to clean it, so seriously, take it everywhere!

    Two young children inside the play space while indoors. There is plenty of room for them both to move around, even with several toys inside.

    25. A window lock to let a fresh breeze into the room while still preventing your children from opening the windows wide enough to climb out of.

    26. And finally, a water thermometer that's here to make sure the temperature is juuust right *and* to remind you and your kiddo that rubber duckies really DO make bathtime so much fun!

    A rubber duck with a temperature display on its back

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