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    38 Gifts To Buy *Now* For When You Forget A Birthday *Later*

    Because even "It's the thought that counts" won't count if you forget to get anything at all.

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    1. A lip balm that'll be the bomb on their birthday, even though you've had it hidden in your sock drawer the last three weeks.

    2. A Groot cutting board that ~wood~ help anyone out in the kitchen as long as they ~stick~ to it!

    3. A delicate necklace sure to be the sweetest (hand) gesture.

    4. A box of chocolate truffles — a guaranteed way to make sure any birthday that sneaks up on you is still gonna be ~sweet.~

    5. A funny book on friendship you can give to anyone in your girl gang.

    6. A pair of headphones so popular on Amazon, it's clear anyone would really love them. Which is great, because you forget just about everyone's birthdays.

    7. A trinket dish that's sure to ~melt~ their hearts.

    8. An anglerfish reading light — it may seem a little ~fishy,~ but it will be a total delight for anyone who reads.

    9. A Vogue coffee table book including covers of each issue. After giving this, you can confidently (cat) walk over to any party and know your gift is top of the line.

    10. A crystal candle with an actual crystal hidden in the wax, which is gonna surprise *them* as much as their birthday being this week surprised *you*.

    11. A darling card game for anyone who likes to go ~fish.~

    12. And a lil' sushi-eating-kitten who is sure to love a good tuna roll as much as your recipient (probably?).

    13. A minimalist print of Prada Marfa — an awe-inspiring art installation in Texas — that can fit perfectly in the home of every art or fashion enthusiast you know.

    14. A set of food figures — they're gonna save the (birth)day when you realize you totally forgot it — fortunately these little critters won't say a word, even if that grape soda looks like she's about to ~pop.~

    15. A chakra room and body spray that promises to keep them balanced without you having to balance your checkbook over an expensive last-minute gift.

    16. A luxe electric travel razor great for anyone who likes a clean shave — no ifs, ands, or ~cuts.~

    17. A mythical unicorn Pyropet — it should really be a pegasus...because time ~flies~ in between these birthdays!

    18. A set of Kylie Jenner's nude lip line, because if you forget a gift again you know they're bound to be a little ~lippy~ about it.

    19. A stone paper notebook that'll let their pen slide across the paper as easily as you slide this into a random birthday bag.

    20. A neon popsicle light you can pack flat and store without taking up any space until it's time to give it to the child (or child at heart) who is celebrating another year of ice cream trucks.

    21. A heating and cooling pad teddy, because you won't be able to ~bear~ going to their birthday party without a gift.

    22. A stunning bar of soap that'll impress everyone at the party — helping you ~clean out~ the competition when it comes to gift giving.

    23. A tea infuser water bottle — a calming gift anyone would love, and it's gonna keep *you* calm knowing you have it in your pantry waiting on the next friend's special day.

    24. A poster of The Devil Wears Prada for any movie lover who doesn't already have enough Meryl Streep art in their home.

    25. A floral pool float that's sure to impress any of your ~buds,~ since you're all birds of a feather anyway.

    26. Or a floral map for the friend who would travel around the world just to stop and smell the roses.

    27. A pair of earrings subtle enough you can give them to anyone, and small enough you can easily keep them in your place until the time comes to give them away.

    28. A Bob Ross Chia Pet, because even if they don't love painting, this is sure to ~grow~ on them.

    29. A clock that'll make them think you are far better at ~timing~ a birthday gift than you really are.

    30. A rainbow doormat because you take ~pride~ in your relationship (and your birthday gift skills).

    31. A 3D brain teaser so that you don't show up without a gift and have them ~puzzled~ over why you two are friends.

    32. A piece of kitchen decor that clearly knows the birthday girl, even if you don't actually know which birthday girl this'll even go to.

    33. A sharp pair of sunglasses — the perfect ~angle~ for gift giving at a birthday you totally forgot about.

    34. A stone face roller to help soak in serums and relax stressed out facial muscles with a soothing self massage. Giving the gift of self care, ahem, ~rocks.~

    35. An eye mask to help them get their beauty rest after their big day.

    36. A botanical tapestry that they'll plant on their wall the minute they get it (and you can plant under your bed until the big day).

    37. A monochromatic pillow sure to satisfy anyone's style (and probably look good with your own bedding until you actually have to give it away).

    38. And finally, a woven wall hanging so you don't have to be ~hung up~ on remembering to get a gift on time ever again.

    Don't let this happen on their birthday... again.

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