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    Living In New York City Vs. Living In Los Angeles

    It's the age-old West Cost vs. East Coast battle: sunshine, smog, and traffic vs. subways, that pee smell, and the best pizza around?

    1. New York City: Traffic is the 6 train being held up at Union Square during rush hour due to a sick passenger.

    Now how else am I supposed to get uptown?

    Los Angeles: Traffic is every freeway and every side street from Santa Monica to the San Gabriel Valley.

    Better get some audiobooks.

    2. New York City: Road trips are to New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and D.C.

    What exit on the NJ Turnpike or Garden State Parkway? The eternal question.

    Los Angeles: Road trips are VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And San Francisco. But mostly VEGAS!!!!!!!!

    3. New York City: The state of the beaches is...questionable.

    This ain't the Hamptons.

    Los Angeles: Beach is life.

    4. New York City: Everyone walks.

    Los Angeles: You walk...after taking a short drive to a hiking trail.

    But only Runyon Canyon if you absolutely have to.

    5. New York City: Spring is that wonderful day when you can finally open your windows and go outside without a jacket.

    The BEST.

    Los Angeles: 68 and sunny

    6. New York City: Autumn is the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet.

    Check out that foliage.

    Los Angeles: 68 and sunny

    7. New York City: Summer is HOT, HUMID, and GROSS.

    View this video on YouTube

    Put that A/C on Power Ranger.

    Los Angeles: June gloom...

    ...then 68 and sunny

    8. New York City: Winter is cold, but festive.

    Make sure you bring your gloves.

    Los Angeles: 58 and sunny

    You might need a heavier jacket. Might.

    9. New York City: Rain? No big deal.

    Los Angeles: Rain?!? WATER IS FALLING FROM THE SKY WHY???

    10. New York City: You spend more than you'd like to admit on MetroCards.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen

    Swipe again, please.

    Los Angeles: Gas. So much money spent on gas.

    11. New York City: Weed? What weed?

    Los Angeles: Where *can't* you find weed?

    Paging the Green Doctor...

    12. New York City: What's that smell? Probably urine.

    Occasionally, it's maple syrup.

    Los Angeles: What are you breathing? It's probably smog.

    13. New York City: You bond over your hatred of the MTA.

    Los Angeles: You bond over driving directions.

    14. New York City: You're not quite sure how to say...

    It's "Kah-She-Yoo-Sko." Supposedly.

    Los Angeles: You're not quite sure how to say...

    And how you say it says a lot about you.

    15. New York City: JFK and LGA are the WORST.

    Los Angeles: LAX is the WORST.

    16. New York City: You can't go wrong with....

    A slice of heaven.

    Los Angeles: You can't go wrong with...

    That's what a hamburger's all about.

    17. Conclusion: Whether it's NYC or L.A...

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