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Gaby Hoffman's Character On 'Girls' Is Straight From SNL's Parody Of The Show

Here's proof.

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Gaby Hoffman debuted on "Girls" this weekend as Adam's troubled and weird sister Caroline.


She went to Hannah's birthday party, did a super weird dance with Ray then bit him and...

In Hannah's bathroom, she CRUSHES a glass with her bare hand. Pantless.


Yes, there was bush.

I began to realize Caroline reminded me of someone...


Blerta, the Girl from Albania in SNL's "Girls" Parody from last year!


Here is the SNL preview if you need a Blerta refresher.

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They both have thick eyebrows, ex-boyfriends who haunt them, and a lot of feelings.


Plus, they both have wicked dance moves.

Hoffman has two more episodes left on Girls. How many more similarities will they have?

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