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    30 Signs You Went To NYU

    Whether you're a Sternie, Tischie, or Gallatino, your degree came with a subway map, pizza, no campus, and a whole lotta debt.

    1. You miss the NYU Home dinosaur.

    2. No matter how many redesigns it goes through, Albert is still the WORST.

    3. Going to school with celebrities? No big deal to you.

    4. You've had to explain to people that the Bobcat is NYU's mascot (named for the Bobst card catalog) and the nickname is the Violets. We're both.

    The original Bobcat (of Bobst fame).

    5. You thought NYU's attempts to build community were cute.

    No campus = No community? Not necessarily true.

    6. You went to Yankees/Mets/Jets/Giants/Knicks/Nets/Rangers games, rather than actual NYU sports games.

    Wait, NYU has sports?

    7. You lived in university dorms and still had a 30-minute commute to campus.

    At least there's the NYU trolley.

    8. Your dorm either had maid service, used to be a nightclub, or is located between a corrections facility, a homeless shelter and/or around the corner from a 24-hour sex shop.

    Welcome to NYC.

    9. Your friends are mostly from Long Island, New Jersey, or California, and are Jewish.

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    10. You know that finding a nice, attractive, straight boy at NYU was like spotting a mythical creature.

    11. Your "quad" had bums, chess battles, drum circles, pot dealers, homeless people, dosa carts, and undercover cops.

    We love you anyway, Washington Square Park.

    12. You've been involved in at least one protest in Washington Square Park.

    13. You know school pride is where it's at, whether you went to CAS, Stern, Tisch, or Gallatin.

    14. But you're still confused as to what exact majors Steinhardt offers.

    Applied Psychology, Communications, Education, Musical Theatre, and Food Studies? OK then.

    15. You can pronounce Bobst correctly. Or at least, you think you can.

    Bob-ssst or Bobe-ssst?

    16. You understand why the inside of Bobst looks like the Matrix.

    Safety first.

    17. You've used the Washington Square News to spit out your gum or clean up spills.

    It's super absorbent.

    18. You still have a place in your heart (and stomach) for the pasta station in Kimmel.

    19. You're well aware that you've gotta "Move all the way in! Make room for a friend!" in the Silver Center elevators.

    Twitter: @NYUSilverCenter

    Remember when it was called Main Building?

    20. You miss the Timekeeper.

    RIP John Votta.

    21. You know who Sylvia in Hayden is and that Adam Sandler wrote this song about her.

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    22. You've ended a drunken night at Mamoun's, Kati Roll, Cosmic Cantina, Crif Dogs, or with pizza.

    So good.

    23. Two Words: Strawberry Festival

    It's no Coles Carnival (RIP), but check out that Strawberry Shortcake.

    24. You have no idea what Greek Life would be like, because Frat Row at NYU was a hallway.

    25. You've gotten in several fights with Financial Aid and the Registrar, including one in which they tell you can't graduate, but somehow it always worked itself out.

    26. You know that walking into Stern without wearing a suit will cause you receive SO MANY dirty looks.

    27. You've gotten an epic hug from John Sexton. And you kinda want another one.

    Facebook: NYUMemes

    Even if there's no confidence in him right now.

    28. You'll be paying off student loans for the next 50 years...

    29. But you consider the day you got into NYU one of the best days of your life.

    30. And the annual sight of the Empire State Building lighting up all purple for NYU commencement reminds you that you went to college in the greatest city in the world.

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