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10 Of The Best Animal Feeds On Instagram

Does your Instagram feed need a dose of animal awesomeness? Here are 10 IGers to help turn your feed fierce!

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1. Doggie smiles from Japan / Via Instagram: @marutaro

Maru has half a million followers, and it's not hard to see why.

2. Eagles and Owls and Hawks, Oh My! / Via Instagram: @avianrecon

This bird of prey rehabbers feed is full of sweet owls and fierce hawks

3. A Plethora of Pug Portraits with Norm / Via Instagram: @jermzlee

All pug, all the time.

4. One Fab Feline

A sweet cross-eyed Russian Blue kitty from Japan

5. Bunnies for All! / Via Instagram: @bunnymama

Because who can have enough bunnies?

6. One pretty parrot / Via Instagram: @pollytheconure

Polly is a beautiful blue crowned conure!

7. Two cockatiels with tons of 'tude / Via Instagram: @peek_n_boo

Peek & Boo and their cockatiel friends are bird-radical!

8. Momo the Border Collie / Via Instagram: @andrewknapp

Play hide-and-seek with this awesome pup in his owners IG feed!

9. Doggie Model / Via Instagram: @betty_style

I'm starting to think Japan is just full of cute animals.

10. Hero and Human are ready for action! / Via Instagram: @handsomemike

Because that face!

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