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    6 Tasty (and Easy) Cocktail Recipes Made With La Croix That You Will Want In Your Belly ASAP

    Less calories mean more cocktails, right?

    La Croix Cocktail Teaser

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    If you drink LaCroix, you instantly consider what yummy adult beverages you could make with the no calorie, no sugar sparkling water. And why not? Lower calorie cocktails means you can knock a few more back.

    Here is a quick 1:30 minute teaser video that shows how much fun it is to make (and drink) Stephany's new LaCroix Cocktail recipes.

    Stephany is a sassy lifestyle vlogger and maker. Her favorite thing to make is cocktails, because- cocktails. Her videos are silly, fun, but mildly informative.

    The Apricot Blossom

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    Apricot La Croix mixed with homemade blackberry simple syrup makes the Apricot Blossom bloom in your mouth. WHUT?? Make this ASAP!

    The Faux Driver

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    A faux screwdriver...but nothing is fake in this adaptation...real orange juice and vodka. Only difference is the DELICIOUS basil simple syrup and the Orange La Croix. And those 2 elements is what makes this an upgrade to the basic drink.

    St. Peach-Pear

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    Hallejullah! The St. Peach-Pear is here, making your cocktail experience heaven sent. Featuring St. Germain, elderflower liqueur and vanilla extract, the St. Peach-Pear is a delicious addition to your cocktail arsenal.

    The Razzy

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    Cran-Raspberry La Croix is the star of this raspberry focused cocktail. Just add some fresh squeezed lime juice and Chambord, a french black raspberry liqueur and POOF! the Razzy is in your glass.

    La Piña

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    Pineapple infused vodka is the perfect mixer for the pineapple strawberry flavored La Croix. Don't believe me? Make one for yourself and try not to fall in love with the flavors!

    Coco Plum Fizz

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    Coconut La Croix is my ultra favorite...but then I LOVE coconut anything. What is great about Coconut La Croix is it's not overly coconutty and mixed with fresh plum and basil and the citus flavors of the elderflower, the Coco Plum Fizz is pure cocktail gold!

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