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    10 Young Actresses From The '90s That Are Now Stunningly Beautiful

    Ever wondered how they turned out?

    Jamie Renée Smith – Dante’s Peek

    You may or may not remember her as one of the plucky kids that rather inexplicably survived in the ‘so bad it’s good’ film, Dante’s Peak. You know, the typically ludicrous 90s disaster movie that has James Bond trying to outrun a mountain while the locals (and the script) laugh at science like it’s a bad joke.

    She was a pretty prolific child actor back in the ‘90s because we needed kids on film to be gawky and slightly annoying.

    It’s amazing then seeing how much she’s changed over the years, not only has she grown to be pretty hot but some of her recent roles are in some pretty sexy shows too including True Blood the more recent Sleeping Around.

    Hanna Hall – Forrest Gump

    If life is like a box of chocolates then I think we’ve stumbled on one of those delicious praline truffle thingies with Hanna Hall. She kick-started her acting career as the childhood sweetheart of Forest Gump in 1994, unfortunately her next film Goldilocks didn’t do anywhere near as well and she’s been mostly doing made for TV movies and shorts right up to 2007 when she got the role of Judith Myers in the Halloween reboot. It’s a shame it’s taken this long to get her career on track as I’m sure people would love to see a lot more of the stunning woman she’s grown to be.

    Angela Goethals – Home Alone

    Everyone remembers the Home Alone films right? But do you remember the rest of Kevin McCallister’s (Culkin) absurdly huge family? Well one of the sisters, Linnie, grew up to be pretty damn cute. She’s had a handful of film roles since but the bulk of her career has been bit parts on TV series with a few regular appearances on shows like 24 and of course the hilariously bad TV movie comedy Porn ‘n Chicken.

    Amber Scott – Hook

    She was one of the plucky kids kidnapped by Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook in the 1991 kids film Hook. It’s sort of a shame that her acting career pretty much died off after this because these days she’s really just too stunning not to be on the big screen.

    Lacey Chabert – Lost in Space

    Lacey played the role of Penny in the 1998 re-imagining of Lost in Space. She went from gutsy young girl to utter babe over the years since and for all of you nostalgia junkies who love cartoons she was also the coice of Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys and the voice of Meg Griffin from 1999 -2000. She mixes a range of drama roles with some incredibly awesome voice over roles in various cartoons including both Marvel and DC cartoon series Young Justice and Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

    Danielle Harris – Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead

    Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead had a title that could easily have been applied to a teen slasher film and surprisingly Danielle Harris (who played the younger daughter Melissa Crandell) had already been in one; Halloween 4. The film itself was a typical kids comedy moulded on the likes of Home Alone and aimed at a more teen audience. Danielle Harris had been acting long before that, starting off on TV in 1985 and she’s been working pretty consistently up to the present, while it’s mostly TV work there have been a number of big screen roles as well including a return to the Halloween franchise in the Rob Zombie reboot.

    Leelee Sobieski – Deep Impact

    Deep Impact is one of those rare gems, a disaster film with the budget, polish and cast to actually look good. It follows the usual disaster movie format including the focus on small families trying to escape disaster and it even has a teen romance story tangled up in there. The teen love interest is played by Leelee Sobieski. She’s been in a number of films but few of the as big as some of the ones she was in as a teen, which is a shame.

    Michelle Williams – Species

    Species was what happened when B-movie schlock meets a lot of polish and on occasion throws around some interesting ideas, there aren’t any doubts that this was a film that relied on sexy to sell though. Michelle Williams played the young version of the human/alien hybrid Sil.

    She’s had a wide variety of roles in films both big and small including the revisting of the original Halloween continuity H20: 20 Years Later and Shutter Island, not to mention recently playing the vivacious Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn.

    Tiffany & Krystle Mataras – Kindergarten Cop

    This one is a double whammy and up here mostly for the twin factor. These two have been in a string of family friendly films throughout the 90s always together cast for being identical twins. While not their biggest roles kindergarten cop was probably the most popular (or at least most widely known) film they were in. Their most recent film is a massive departure from the usually tame films that they’re in it’s called 100,000 Zombie Heads… not for the faint of heart or anyone who’s recently eaten.


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