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What Closet Staple Do You Totally Swear By?

Tell us about the classic pieces you wear over and over... and over and over and over.

Getting dressed in the morning can be hard.

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Especially before your morning coffee kicks in.

But when you have a faaaavorite piece of clothing you always can rely on, things are a little easier.

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So tell us, what's the best wardrobe staple in your closet?

A black moto jacket (faux leather or real!) that's a classic for a reason?

Like this perfectly plain one from Forever 21.

The b e s t ever skinny jeans you can wear with lit'rally everything?

Maybe these distressed ones from American Eagle.

The perfect white tee you buy five of at a time to make sure you always have a clean one?

Or even this Hanes seven-pack from Amazon.

A specific LBD you and all of your friends bought because, like the fabled Traveling Pants, it looks amazing on ALL of you?


Like this sleeveless one from ModCloth (available in sizes S–4X).

Tell us about the wardrobe staples that belong in every closet (where it's from and why you love it!) and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!