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What Toy Does Your Kid Never Get Tired Of Playing With?

Tell us about their favorite toys they never got bored of!

It's hard to know which toys your kids will love *less* than the box they come in.... and which toys they'll love for years to come.


So, tell us about the toys or products your kid never tires playing with!

Or at least loved until they grew out of it!

A reliable buddy who stuck by through thick and thin?


A puzzle or LEGO set that took an entertainingly long time to put together?

A video game or gaming system they still enjoy?

A play and learn robot they chased after for hours on end?

A board game you played so many times, you have the entire instructions memorized?

What about a game table (like this under-$60 air hockey one) your whole family enjoyed?

Tell us about the toy or gift your kids never got tired of (and why!) in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!