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    19 Ways To Make Your Day A Little More Magical

    ♫ Do you believe in magic / in a BuzzFeed post? ♫

    1. A bottle (or 30) of color-changing gel nail polish that transforms based on the temperature.

    2. A pair of starry wands to sprinkle magic dust* on your delicious home-cooked meals.

    3. A Floo-like powder that adds mind-blowing color to your indoor fireplace or outdoor firepit.

    4. An umbrella with a laser light shaft to really brighten up any grey days.

    5. Or an umbrella printed with color-changing ink that (when it gets wet) brings a preview of the rainbow to come.

    6. A light-up potion bottle keychain that lets you cast lumos while rummaging around in your purse.

    7. A heat-sensitive tee for anyone who likes to change their look when the mercury rises.

    8. A bluetooth speaker that floats over its base for a totally trippy music experience.

    9. A golden egg candle for any aspiring Daenerys Targaryen — just set it ablaze and watch a baby dragon hatch!

    10. A set of invisible shelves to make your books seem like they're floating by themselves — just like the candles in the Great Hall.

    11. A magnetic scrubbing dot to turn the most boring and frustrating chore (cleaning an oddly-shaped container) into a simple (and...dare I say *cool*) task.

    12. A rainbow unicorn who'd love to shake his tail feathers to cover your desserts in sprinkles or cinnamon sugar.

    13. A wand-shaped universal remote control that Arthur Weasley would be Totally Obsessed with.

    14. An instant ice cream maker — just add your chilled ingredients and swirl until they turn into soft serve or hard ice cream, depending on your preference.

    15. Luxurious, fluffy whipped soap that'll perfectly clean and moisturize the pickiest wannabe unicorn.

    16. A fortune-telling bath bomb for anyone who's feeling a bit indecisive — just pop it in the tub, relax, and it'll answer the yes or no question of your choice!

    17. A makeup-removing cloth to completely remove every trace of makeup (even waterproof!) from your face with just water.

    18. A stainless steel soap bar that makes funky odors (garlic, onion, fish, and way more) disappear with a quick rub.

    19. A smart notebook for anyone who wants a copy of their notes or drawings on their computer — just sync the notebook with the accompanying app (you can even erase the notebook in the microwave!).

    20. A tabletop projector for anyone who is tired of tripping at night but is also too extra to have a boring old nightlight.

    Now just to explain to yourself exactly why you need every single one of these: