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    27 Ways To Pretend You Attend Hogwarts Instead Of Muggle School

    Time to harness your inner Hermione Granger. The products in this post were updated in January 2018.

    1. Upgrade your note-taking and copy down every tedious word of a Professor Binns-style lecture in a set of four House-themed notebooks.

    2. Already have composition notebooks lying around? ~Transfigure~ them into your house colors with some simple cardstock.

    3. Stay on track with a faceted hourglass filled with colorful sand; you'll get things done twice as efficiently if you think you're losing House points or being timed by the giant hourglasses during O.W.L.s.

    4. Decorate your locker with Harry Potter poetry magnets so you can spell out the Dumbledore-worthy wisdom you need.

    5. Tote around mini notebooks that look like textbooks (but don't weigh nearly as much); they're perfect for scribbling your own spell inventions in the margins.

    6. Brew all sorts of delicious recipes in advance for a lunch that tastes as if it was cooked by the House Elves in the Hogwarts kitchens.

    7. Stock your lunchbox with a sweet treat that occasionally tricks you: Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

    8. Or simply attach paper wings to Ferrero Rocher chocolates for an afternoon dessert that'll really ~take off~.

    9. Stow your favorite quills and extra rolls of parchment in a custom pouch that not even the craftiest Niffler can get into.

    10. Sip pumpkin juice (or let's be real, a pumpkin spice latte) out of a marauder's map-printed travel mug, because you really can't manage any mischief before the caffeine kicks in.

    11. Or, if you're more of a tea drinker, brew up a cuppa Harry Potter-inspired blends like Butterbeer, Veritaserum, and Felix Felicis.

    12. If you're thinking of going out for the school paper, jot down the latest scoops and interviews in a spiral-bound notebook.

    13. Amaze your Muggle classmates by writing in a notebook that magically syncs with an app to immediately upload your notes. Just wipe the 36 pages clean with a cloth and reuse over and over and over again.

    14. Ensure you never lose your place in your library book WITHOUT dog-earing the pages (Madam Pince would be enraged) with a set of seven Horcrux bookmarks.

    15. Stock your locker or dormitory with an emergency kit to solve your latest crises — because only at Hogwarts is it actually possible that a unicorn ~actually~ ate your homework.

    16. Cast an organization charm over your whole life by using a Divination Planner so you never miss a due date, class, Quidditch game, or Yule Ball.

    17. Make carrying your books all the way from Herbology to the Potions dungeon way easier with a padded backpack to show your House pride.

    18. Looking for an experiment for your next chemistry (er, potions) class? Try making a glittery slime that's basically magic.

    19. Scribble letters to owl home to your family using your very own Phoenix ballpoint quill.

    20. If you can't quite handle a feather quill, dress up your desk by adding a stately-looking pen and stand set to honor your House.

    21. Protect your Muggle textbooks with magical book covers that'll make your classmates say "Did you give your math textbook polyjuice potion?"

    22. If you have a free period or study time where you can listen to music, choose the epic sounds of John Williams' and Alexandre Desplat's incredible scores.

    23. Carry enough books for "a bit of light reading" in a DIY tote with a vinyl-covered back so you can mark the due date on each trip.

    24. Encourage ~Outstanding~ academic performance with a car window decal to make everyone jealous on your daily commute.

    25. Stay hydrated with a Hogwarts crest water bottle you can refill with a simple Aguamenti — no need to go all the way to the water fountain.

    26. If you need to change for gym class, opt for a Quidditch uniform before anything else.

    27. And harness your inner perfectionist and finish every inch of parchment of McGonagall's latest essay with a pen shaped like the wand of Hermione Jean Granger herself.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.