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24 Beauty Secrets You Should Really Know

Shake up your makeup.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best unconventional beauty tips. Here are the stunning results.


1. Buy travel-size mascaras instead of full size to save money in the long run.

"Sephora usually carries travel-size versions of most popular mascaras for a fraction of the price, and I always get the same amount of use out of them before the three months are up when mascara goes bad and needs to be replaced."

—Submitted by addeyt

Learn more about how long you should be keeping your beauty products here.

Find the mini size of cult favorite Benefit They're Real Mascara here.

2. To save on high-end mascaras, keep and clean the expensive mascara wand and use it with a cheaper formula.

Studio22comua / Thinkstock / Getty Images

You can either swap the lid if it fits or use the wand you prefer when putting it on.

—Submitted by saoirsea

4. Use microfiber towels to clean excess powder off your brush.

"I just swirl them around the cloth gently and it catches all the powder, just as it would with dust. I only use it for dry makeup and not liquids or creams, and it works wonders."

—Submitted by Mandy Dimitriou, Facebook

You can find this cute microfiber towel at Target.

5. Instead of buying scented lotion, spray your favorite perfume into unscented lotion or moisturizer.

"You'll never have to buy scented lotion ever again! Saves $12 every four months or so!"

—Submitted by Ameliag4a2dd527b

Check out a how-to on Living On A Dime.


8. If you have uneven skin on your face from scars, acne, or just large pores, apply makeup with a torn beauty sponge.

"Rip a makeup sponge in half with your hands so that it is not smooth on one side. Use the uneven side to put on foundation. The texture of the ripped sponge helps the makeup fill grooves in your face for a more even look."

—Submitted by ashleyb45512dc8c

10. Use brown napkins as blotting papers when you're on the go.

"Do not wipe, but simply spot-touch with the napkin; you will not have to apply more powder to get rid of the shine. Put those extra Chipotle napkins to good use!"

—Submitted by kiaford


12. After applying mascara (and letting it dry for a minute), brush through your lashes with a clean mascara wand.

"Works much better than a lash comb to remove clumps and make your lashes appear fuller."

—Submitted by tomkat41

Learn how to clean a mascara wand here.

15. Reduce foot odor by soaking feet in tea.

—Submitted by DianaMiller.


16. If you accidentally get mascara on your face, let it dry before you try to remove it with a Q-tip.

"That way it will just flake off and won't smudge and make the problem worse!"

—Submitted by brooker426c4dbb0

17. Instead of drawing on winged eyeliner, use your eyeliner pen as a stamp.

"Lay the tip of your liner pen kind of flat against your lid and "stamp" it on in sections. Then turn the pen in the other direction (with the pointy tip toward your temples) and stamp it again. Viola! Winged eyeliner!"

—Submitted by lindsayb47bd21cbc

Get all the steps on The Glossy.

18. When applying fake eyelashes, look down at a mirror under your chin.

"Put a compact or handheld mirror down flat below your chin. Look down at the mirror but keep your head facing forward, then apply the lashes. This helps you get closer to your natural lash line and less obvious you're wearing falsies."

—Submitted by shannonb4efe92872

Check out a full video of this technique here.

19. Use red or pink lipstick as a color corrector.

"I have hyperpigmentation on my chin, and I use a red lipstick to cancel out the grayness and then cover it up with foundation and concealer!"

—Submitted by sahutasha

Check out a tutorial here.


21. For the perfect cat eye, start from your bottom lash to make the wing.

—Submitted by beauh452df7ccc.

22. Lick the rim of a cup before taking a sip to prevent leaving a lipstick print.

"The biggest issue I encounter when wearing lipstick is it all rubbing off when drinking from a glass. If you lick the glass before taking a sip you won't have this issue."

—Submitted by Hannah Withers (Facebook)

23. Use more hair dye to remove dye stains on your scalp.

Medioimages / Getty Images

"Use some of the leftover hair dye on a cotton pad to rub off the stain. It sounds counterintuitive, but it works as the new dye on the pad sticks to and lifts off the stain from the skin."

—Submitted by Sophie La Ghash (Facebook)

24. Rinse hair with carbonated water to reduce frizz.

—Submitted by Hayley Serres (Facebook)

Find out more here.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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