22 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Procrastination

    ::Studies for five minutes. Scrolls for five hours.::

    1. The YouTube comment that is all of us.

    2. The circle that is productive procrastination.

    3. This truth nugget.

    4. The time someone dreamed of retaliation.

    5. When someone realized that buying school supplies > using them.

    6. This timeless paradox.

    7. This masterful procrastinator.

    8. These really great uses of time.

    9. The time that planning ≠ reality.

    10. The Bane of your existence.

    11. 👏👏👏👏👏

    12. The time it knew the power of a friend's confession.

    13. This telling photograph.

    14. The time you are your own worst enemy.

    15. This perfect representation of ~deadline enforcement~.

    16. This eerie feeling.

    17. This karma.

    18. This detailed representation of zodiac procrastination.

    19. The time you take everything as a sign not to work.

    20. This funky truth.

    21. This important survey.

    22. Ho don't do it.