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    29 Ridiculously Cool Things You Can Get At OpenSky Right Now

    One-stop shopping for the coolest products you didn't know you needed.

    In case you didn't know, OpenSky is your next one-stop shop to find the coolest products you need ASAP (and lots you didn't know you needed, but totally want anyway).

    With over 70,000 independent merchants combined in one website, you can shop a huge variety of goods and products including apparel, beauty, kitchen tools, home goods, jewelry, pet supplies, and so much more.

    Intrigued? We've rounded up a few of the coolest things available on OpenSky right now — better have your wallet handy. There are TONS of great deals available, so prices are subject to change.

    1. A pair of colorful earbuds in a macaron-shaped case that'll make you feel like playing "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies on repeat.

    2. A five-piece iridescent knife set for anyone who wants to taste the rainbow.

    3. Reflective cat-eye sunnies with acetate detailing at the corners for a little extra somethin'.

    4. Colorful drawers to add extra storage space to your already-loaded fridge.

    5. A leash umbrella for the pupper who doesn't like getting damp on a rainy walk.

    6. A three-in-one tool that chills, aerates, and neatly pours your wine for the perfect rosé happy hour picnic.

    7. A bluetooth shower speaker to play your morning pump up playlist while you lather up.

    8. A crossbody satchel that goes with anything AND will keep all your belongings perfectly secure.

    9. A prawn-shaped plush pillow to make you say, "It's cocktail hour. Shrimp cocktail hour, that is."

    10. Whiskey-chilling soapstone cubes for anyone who is sick and tired of watered down drinks.

    11. Paraben-free lipsticks with a richly-pigmented formula that comes in both satin and matte finishes.

    12. An off-the-shoulder one piece to add a touch of style to your next beach or lake trip.

    13. A quick and easy garlic mincer that doesn't take up a ton of valuable drawer space and will your hands smell-free.

    14. A drawstring toiletry bag to keep your hair products, makeup, skincare, and more neatly organized on your next trip.

    15. A handheld air conditioner for anyone who's already looking for ways to beat the heat this summer.

    16. A six-port charging station that'll keep the whole family's devices in one handy location.

    17. A personalized cotton towel to ensure you never forget where you parked your behind at the beach or park.

    18. A water bottle with a fruit-infusing core that makes staying hydrated significantly more interesting.

    19. A kitchen storage rack to keep your favorite spices, paper towels, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil at arm's reach — and it even has slide-across cutters to make tearing off a sheet way easier.

    20. Bird-shaped ceramic folding knives that answer the question "Can I chop this?" The answer: "TouCAN!"

    21. A pave crystal ring you'll wear every day for a dainty hint of sparkle.

    22. A fitness tracker that syncs with your smartphone and keeps track of exercise, sleep, and will even notify you of incoming phone calls

    23. A colorblocked dress for anyone looking to add just a hint of color to their all-black-everything wardrobe.

    24. A memory foam sleep mask with built-in bluetooth headphones so you can drift off to sleep in no time flat.

    25. Heeled sandals with a tasseled zipper to add a little pep in your step.

    26. A hair tie-holding bangle so you're ponytail-ready at any moment...without the pesky elastic digging into your wrist.

    27. An insulated backseat organizer that'll take your summertime road trip to the next level in terms of snackage.

    28. A grooming glove to make cleaning your pooch as easy as petting them.

    29. And a doormat that displays the rules of the house every time you have a party or gathering.

    You can also use it as a note to yourself so you don't forget the most important grocery of all.