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23 Things That Happen When You Introduce Someone To Your Favorite Show

Game of Thrones is back in two weeks. It's time to force your roommate to watch it.

1. You're talking to your friend one day like...

This needs to be remedied immediately.

2. So you zero in on your target.

Paramount Pictures

Time to convert a new recruit.

3. So you start to tell them all about it. / Via

Like they haven't heard already.

4. You gather everyone you know who also loves that show. / Via

To fill your friend with ~good show vibes.~

5. And you kinda can't shut up about it.

6. Maybe you've struck a bargain to watch one of their fave shows in exchange.

7. It's time. You get out the snacks and turn on the first episode. / Via

You may be a bit more excited than they are.

8. The first kinda weird thing happens, and they're like...


Maybe you sing along with the theme song. It's a rookie mistake.


9. You watch their face instead of the actual screen because... reactions. / Via

What if they hate it?!

10. And if they dare speak during a pivotal scene, you have to rewind it.

CBS Television Distribution / Via

Can't miss one moment!

11. There's the weird moment you decide if you laugh loud enough, they'll start to like the jokes.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Makes lots of sense.

12. You get the sudden and often urge to pause to make sure nothing needs to be explained.

13. And you try super hard not to mouth the lines along with the characters.


14. They inevitably ask the question, "So does it get better?"

CBC / Via


15. They ask a question or posit a theory about the show.


But you can't say a word.

16. You just want them to get to that ~one episode~ that will get them hooked for sure.


Too bad it's all the way in season 3.

17. They start to see the appeal of a character or actor they didn't really *get* before.

18. Then you bond over a newer character who's the WoRsT.

Lucasfilm / Via

19. The first time they get emotional is like an AMAZING TREAT.

Columbia Pictures

20. They catch up on their own and realize they now have to wait FOREVER between episodes.

Or (even worse) that the show had an untimely end.

21. Good news: they join the fandom and blame you for their eternal love.


22. Or (bad news) they don't actually love the show and you have to accept defeat.

BBC / Via

Good luck.

23. Time to try again.