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    21 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You're Stylish This Summer

    Chic, even while sweaty.

    1. Keep an elastic off-the-shoulder top (like this one) from slipping up when you raise your arms with four safety pins and two hair ties.

    2. Learn all the lingo when it comes to bathing suits, so you always know what to ask for (or type into the Amazon search bar).

    3. Consult an infographic to stay styling and office-appropriate even during the dog days.

    4. Try a co-ord outfit to look insanely put together with 0.00 effort.

    5. Transform a solid top into printed perfection with your favorite stamp — just dip it in bleach and stamp away.

    6. Stock your closet with graphic tees that brings you joy — you can wear it with everything from a schmancy skirt to boyfriend jeans.

    7. Stop worrying about your tops coming untucked — just opt for a bodysuit instead.

    8. Even if you're only wearing ONE article of clothing, you can still mix prints. Try a dress with two or more patterns in one!

    9. When in doubt, balance your pretty florals with stripes for the perfect outfit combo.

    10. Pair one pastel color with one bold or neon color for an unexpected look that'll make other people think "why didn't I think of that?"

    11. Turn an extra men's button up into an off-the-shoulder dress with just scissors and some elastic.

    12. If you're stuck in a sticky situation when it comes to finding the right bra for an outfit, try a magical plunging, strapless, backless bra that'll actually support you.

    13. Look like a blogger by upgrading the standard shorts and a tee with a sweeping top complete with knotted hem detail.

    14. Create an open-back crop top from and old or worn out tee — when you DIY it, it's always the perfect, custom length.

    15. Freshen up your clothes from last year by adding summery accessories like a straw basket purse in the shape of a shell.

    16. Add feather trim to the bottom of a boring shift dress to make it look super expensive.

    17. When it's way too hot to have any fabric touching your body, try breezy silhouettes that let the air flow.

    18. Try a trend without buying a whole new piece; sew (or fabric glue) fringe to your boyfriend jeans for a boost.

    19. Add a lil drama with a maxi dress that opens to reveal a romper underneath.

    20. Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't layer — try a slip dress over a tee or top.

    21. And shield your self from the sun and set up the perfect Instagram with an embroidered sun hat to cap off your whole outfit.

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