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19 Struggles All Vintage Shoppers Know To Be True

Flea market? More like flee market.

1. Taking a sweater home and finding eight holes of various sizes. / Via

And of course the return policy = nonexistent.

2. That mothball smell that doesn't go away. After hand washing it. Ten times. / Via

But hey, at least there are no holes.

3. Being unable to match a missing button.

And then having to replace all of them.
Flickr: Kirsty Andrews / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kirstea

And then having to replace all of them.

4. All itchy everything. / Via

Curse you, mysterious and unlabeled wool blend.

5. Store owners who demand that you pay cash.

Because who carries cash around anymore?

6. Unzipping a purse pocket for the first time and finding wadded up, USED, Kleenex. / Via

Or unidentified loose pills from the '60s.

7. Accidentally busting a 30-year-old zipper in the dressing room. / Via

*One minute ago* "It'll fit, don't worry! I'm sucking in!" Then: "OH CRAP. Do I have to buy this now?"

8. Polyester.

#YesAllPolyester / Via


9. The weird green marks cheap old jewelry leaves behind on your fingers and neck. / Via

And pulling a Lady Macbeth until it goes away.

10. Clothes that literally disintegrate when you put them on. / Via

Of course I expect Edwardian lace to last for decades fully intact.

11. And having to pull a Cinderella's stepsister to fit into the shoes.

Because the average U.S. shoe size has increased from 6.5 in the 1960s to an 8.5-9 today. / Via

Because the average U.S. shoe size has increased from 6.5 in the 1960s to an 8.5-9 today.

12. Not being sure if something is actually vintage or just a vintage lookalike. / Via

Nope, '90s-era Talbots does not count.

13. New sweater? New sneezes. / Via

Turns out wool is very good at trapping years of dust and cat hair.

14. Shops that operate in near darkness. / Via

The sequined top you bought? Not so sequined after all.

15. Having to remove enormous shoulder pads. / Via

Because who wants to look like Herman Munster?

16. Freezing at outdoor flea markets in the winter.

17. And sweating at them in the summer.

Touchstone / Via

18. Desperately waiting for an occasion to wear a vintage hat. / Via

And just giving up and wearing it to the grocery store.

19. The unachievable boob-to-waist ratio. / Via

BRB, just putting on a thousand girdles.

But despite the difficulties, when you find the perfect piece...

Paramount Pictures / Via

...The struggle feels totally worthwhile.

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