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    40 Of Oprah's Favorite Things You'd Totally Buy If You Could Afford Them

    Imagine "You get a car!" but with these instead.

    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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    Oprah just released her *~Favorite Things~* list, and it's alllllll on Amazon! So we've rounded up some of the coolest things worth the SpLuRgE.

    1. A cloud-like stretch velour lounger with a cowl neck and kangaroo pockets that'll make you say "I didn't know what the word 'cozy' truly meant until this moment."

    Price: $94. Sizes: S/M–2X/3X. Available in three colors.

    2. A Breville panini press that'll create deliciously brown, crispy outsides and gooey, non-crushed insides for the ultimate sandwich every time. Or the ultimate wrap, quesadilla, croissandwich, or anything else that floats your boat.

    It's compact so it won't take up a ton of counter space, and the nonstick aluminum will ensure all the cheese ends up on your sandwich, NOT burnt on the plates.

    Price: $79.96

    3. A duvet cover and pillowcase set to basically guarantee only the most adventurous dreams.

    Price: $149. Sizes: twin and full/queen. Also available in astronaut, mermaid, and princess prints.

    4. A 10-piece hammered copper cookware set for anyone who wants their kitchen to look like it belongs on the Food Network. And besides looking gorgeous, this set will whip up tasty results that belong there, too.

    The stainless steel interior and aluminum core ensure even heat distribution throughout the cook space, and the copper exterior helps retain heat as well! The set includes two frying pans, three sauce pans with lids, and a dutch oven with lid.

    Price: $399.95

    5. Kenneth Jay Lane cubic zirconia earrings in a rhodium-plated brass setting, because every outfit deserves a touch of vintage glam.

    Price: $89. Available in seven colors.

    6. A patchwork memory bear that'll transform old tees into a perfectly nostalgic, huggable creation. Just mail in your old concert tees, sports jerseys, or other clothing in the pre-addressed box, and they'll make a keepsake bear entirely from your clothing in 2-4 weeks.

    You can even get it personalized for no added charge and use the included design guide so your new best friend is made to your exact specifications.

    Price: $120

    7. A seven-layer cake you can freeze and refreeze for six months. It'll feed 14-20 people at a party — or you can just slice 'er up and freeze the pieces so you can have a delectable slice of cake WHENEVER YOU WANT.

    ::changes "Cake By The Ocean" lyrics to "Cake In My Freezer"::

    Price: $60. Available in seven different flavors, including red velvet, chocolate caramel, and coconut cloud.

    8. An Amazon Echo show that'll combine everything amazing about Alexa with a screen, so you can watch news clips, any video on Amazon, see the weather report, make to-do lists, monitor any security or baby cameras, and so so so much more.

    Price: $229.99. Available in black and white.

    9. Real Australian sheepskin slippers for the perfect balance of cushion, warmth, and breathable comfort.

    Price: $59.95. Sizes: 6–11. Available in five colors.

    10. Smart Nora, a anti-snoring system that'll save the relationship between any snorer and non-snorer.

    It includes a pillow insert that inflates and deflates (it works with any type of pillow, whether you're a side, back, or stomach sleeper) to stimulate upper throat muscles and restore normal breathing. The smart system listens for sounds of snoring (you can adjust the sensitivity), and when it picks up the sound, the insert will inflate or deflate as needed.

    Price: $299

    11. A 100% cashmere off-the-shoulder sweater for anyone who wants a trendy, dramatic look but doesn't want to sacrifice comfort or warmth.

    Price: $128. Sizes: XS–XL. Available in three colors.

    12. A Ninja kitchen system with a smart base and four different attachments including a classic crushing pitcher for frozen drinks, a 24-ounce single-serve blender cup, a food processing bowl, and a spiralizer.

    All of your blending, spiralizing, pureeing, and chopping needs = taken care of. Get ready to make smoothies, margs, dough, ice cream, snow cones, salsas, dips and sauces, veggie noodles, and anything you've ever dreamed of.

    Price: $268.73

    13. A 23andMe DNA testing service so you can get the ultimate peek into your family history. Just provide a saliva sample using the kit and send it back for results in 6-8 weeks.

    You can find out if your DNA comes from Neanderthals, find relatives around the world, and see how much of your family history is actually true.

    Price: $69

    14. An easy-to-grow olive tree that'll flourish indoors or out for anyone who already has ~olive~ the things on their wish list.

    They'll fruit and grow up to 25 feet tall!

    Price: $64

    15. Perforated slip-on sneaks with a slight platform sole for some added height, specially designed footbed to hug your arches and absorb shock, and breathable leather to keep your tootsies comfortable.

    Price: $129.95. Sizes: 5–11. Available in five colors.

    16. A beautifully designed six-piece knife set that'll look gorgeous sitting on your kitchen counter. Each Acacia wood knife block has its own unique grain!

    Price: $176

    17. A cruelty-free faux fur hat with ear flaps to keep your whole head snug and warm.

    And it's made in the USA!

    Price: $125. Also available in black.

    18. A *framed* 4K TV that, when not in use, will masquerade as a photograph or piece of art so you don't waste one bit of precious wall space.

    I have a mighty need.

    Price: $2,175.99. Available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen size and three different frame color options.

    19. An old fashioned PJ set with piped detailing for anyone who likes to pretend they're starring in old I Love Lucy episodes.

    Price: $130. Sizes: XS–XL. Available in five colors.

    20. A Philips Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush for your best checkup at the dentist ever. It has four modes, three intensities, and three different brush heads so you can customize your cleaning to your dental needs. And it has sensors to show you on your smartphone where you missed so you can improve your brushing habits.

    I'd never thought "I want a toothbrush" until I saw this mega high tech, millennial pink one.

    Price: $191. Available in five colors.

    21. A mixed metal bracelet for anyone who just can't decide between gold and silver.,

    Fun fact: both Oprah and the Olsen twins have worn these.

    Price: $99. Available in four metal combinations: yellow and rose gold, yellow gold and rhodium, rose gold and rhodium, and gunmetal and yellow gold.

    22. Waterproof leather and flannel snow boots with molded arch support so your feet stay warm, comfortable, *fashionable*, and most importantly DRY on long treks through snow or sleety city puddles.

    Price: $110.20. Sizes: 5–10.5. Available in four colors.

    23. A Butter London manicure kit so all of your nail needs are housed in a chic tin. It has 30 classic polish colors, a priming basecoat, cuticle exfoliator, hardwear topcoat, and matte topcoat, plus nail scrubber, buffer and filer, and polish-removing wipes.

    Their products are free of formaldehyde, DBP, camphor, parabens, BHA, phthalates, and more so you can feel good about using them!

    Price: $150

    24. A three-course dinner for four people from world famous Katz's Delicatessen so you can enjoy New York eating no matter where you live.

    It includes a pound of hand-sliced pastrami and corned beef, rye, mustard, matzoh ball soup, sour pickles, and chocolate babka.

    Price: $125

    25. A two-in-one convection toaster oven and air fryer that'll allow you to do twice the meal prep in half the counter space.

    Use it to toast bread and bagels, bake, broil, and keep food warm — you can even roast a four-pound chicken in it! And if you haven't tried an air fryer, now is the time. You'll get perfectly crispy fries, wings, and more with no oil!

    Price: $159.99

    Learn more about what you can do in a toater oven here.

    26. An app-enabled smart dog toy so you can play with your pupper from far away. It automatically adjusts how it interacts based on your dog's age, size, breed, and style of play!

    Price: $199

    27. A gift set of two herbal chai teas for the snootiest tea connoisseur to savor and enjoy.

    Price: $79

    28. Emi Jay Smooshpants and a Smooshshirt you can wear from workout to brunch to errands; they're lightweight yet cozy, and made of what might be the softest fabric of all time.

    The pants are tailored with pockets, so you can even wear them out to dinner while staying secretly comfortable!

    Price: $132 and $136. Pant sizes: 1–4 and available in two colors; sweatshirt sizes 1–4 and available in three colors.

    29. A Nespresso Creatista Plus to make restaurant-quality ristrettos, espressos, lungos, cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites for your at-home enjoyment.

    It heats up in THREE SECONDS and eight milk foam settings and 11 milk temperature settings. Wow.

    Price: $599.95. Available in three colors.

    30. A lightweight throw you'll use all year long; it's made of 50% cotton and 50% Italian acrylic for a not-too-heavy softness that feels just like cashmere.

    Price: $128. Available in 12 colors and patterns.

    31. A puffy down scarf that'll pack away neatly into a travel pouch, because sometimes knit scarves just won't do the job when it's 18 degrees out.

    Price: $79.99. Available in three colors.

    32. The prettiest lunchbox of all time, which is handcrafted from bamboo and polymer with a built-in modular food storage system so your sad desk lunch will be 100% less sad.

    Price: $69

    33. A soft suede carryall tote so you can schlep in style. It has sturdy braided handles and 18K gold-plated feet so the bottom'll never get stained or scratched.

    Price: $298. Available in three colors.

    34. A machine washable long down vest, because sometimes your butt feels neglected when only your torso is warm.

    And it has three separate pockets for easy access to your most important stuff.

    Price: $219.99. Sizes: S–XL. Available in 15 colors.

    35. A gift set of lotion, shower gel, and hand soap with a fresh linen scent. You know that just-done laundry smell is easily one of the top five smells.

    Other top-five smells include baking cookies, old books, freshly-brewed coffee, and (of course) bacon.

    Price: $50

    36. A tuna poke meal kit for two so you can assemble a delicious and healthy(ish) meal without traveling all the way to Hawaii.

    37. A gooorgeous rose gold bicycle with an elegant basket for carrying a baguette and wine like you're in an old timey movie.

    The two speed automatically-shifting bike is perfect for light city use!

    Price: $1,156.65

    38. A pizza oven baking kit that'll pop right on top of your grill to make a pizzeria-worthy pie in two to four minutes and in the comfort of your own backyard.

    The kit includes the oven box itself, a wooden pizza peel, and a metal pizza turner. You can also use it to bake breads and roast meat and veggies!

    Price: $149.99

    39. An Rfid-blocking crossbody complete with credit card slots, zippered sections, an adjustable strap AND a removable wrist strap so you can stay neater and more organized than ever.

    Rfid-blocking means no one can skim your credit card info!

    Price: $128. Available in two colors.

    40. A limited edition Julep whipped lip mousse vault for anyone whose lipstick collection can NEVER be complete. Even after adding these 25 gorgeous super-pigmented matte colors.

    Someone please give me this. 😰

    Price: $249

    Time to treat yourself. Or treat someone you really love.

    Shop the whole Oprah's Favorite Things list here!

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