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    23 Things Everyone Who Is Afraid Of The Sun Will Understand

    SPF one million, please.

    1. It's summertime. And that is a scary thing.

    2. All it takes is one bad burn, and you're converted.

    Tam got burnt and now she's afraid of the sun ☀️👓

    Once bitten, twice shy, baby.

    3. Seeing the sunlight pouring in when you wake up just isn't that exciting.

    Oh great, another glorious morning.

    4. You try to convince people to come over rather than go out.


    Plus, that's where the snacks are.

    5. And you're a lil ~picky~ about where to sit in the park or at the beach.


    So sometimes that means staying indoors. Because bed, amirite?

    6. Summertime = Netflix time.

    7. You have to rule out a lot of the places your friends suggest to have a picnic or outing.

    No shade, no way.

    8. But when you finally find the perfect tree to sit under, it's a beautiful thing.

    9. Your beachwear choices are a little different from everyone else's.

    Paramount Pictures

    10. When you find a fellow sun-hater, you become beach buds for life.

    United Artists

    Sharing the shade.

    11. Plus, having someone to apply sunscreen to your back is so key.

    Universal Pictures

    If it's Domhnall Gleeson, that's just icing on the cake.

    12. You wish parasols were still a ~thing~.

    And if a beach doesn't have umbrella rentals, it has to get crossed off the list.

    13. Hats are way more than an accessory. They're a way of life.

    The wider the brim, the better.

    14. Sometimes you have a ~moment~ when you get the most updated sunscreen formula:

    Flickr: bruvy

    Let me love you.

    15. Forgetting your sunglasses on even a cloudy day is a disaster.


    16. And the hashtag #sunburntattoo makes you 😱.

    17. You know the exact moment it's time to reapply the sunblock.


    Sorry, is there a fire here all of a sudden?

    18. (Although your friends may ask how it could be that time again.)


    19. Your summer wardrobe is all black, because you know dark colors absorb light the best.

    20. You know pretty much everything there is to know about SPF and UPF.

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    21. Which turns into friendly lectures on the importance of sun health to any and all sunbathers.

    Paramount Pictures

    Bust some of the most outrageous tanning myths here.

    22. You learn pretty quickly when this happens to you on the reg.

    23. This is everyone's reaction when they see you outside, tbh.

    Paramount Pictures

    Or guy.

    Stay safe out there.