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    29 Engagement Ring Instagram Ideas You'll Want To Say Yes To

    Once you've got the rock, you'll want to show it off.

    1. Make your ring the focal point in a candid couple shot.

    2. Go to nature for the perfect photo.

    3. Go floral or go home.

    You can always recreate the shot with your bouquet on your big day!

    4. For the Starbucks addict, show off your ring on a red cup.

    Or use it as a prop!

    And be sure to capitalize on Starbucks name-writing for ultimate Instagram potential.

    5. Include your furry best friend in your special moment.

    6. Or feature the location where they popped the question.

    7. Take a sneak peek of wedding-day henna.

    8. Keep the focus on the rock with a monochromatic background.

    You can also match your celebratory bubbly to your ring box or bag.

    9. Keep it casual with a steering wheel pic.

    10. Or go the whimsical route with a funny mug.

    11. Use twine to symbolize your lives coming together.

    12. Hint at a potential barn wedding with a piece of wood.

    13. Or do the same with a beachy "I do."

    14. Get in the spirit of a fall engagement or wedding with a crunchy leaf.

    15. For the foodie bride:

    16. Or one with a sweet tooth:

    17. Nothing says "celebrate" like cotton candy.

    18. You can always stick it in a macaron.

    19. Holiday engagement? Show it off!

    Christmas tree LEDs make for excellent lighting.

    20. And holly can make any ring shine brighter.

    21. Use a lens flare to capture the full bling potential.

    22. Go for a literary feel by using an open book.

    With or without the bride-to-be's hand.

    23. Or use a little loved one to show it off.

    Smaller hand = bigger-looking ring.

    24. A ring makes for a very convenient letter "o."

    Perfect for any Scrabble-lover.

    25. They popped the question on a trip? Take a passport ring selfie.

    26. Make sure your accent nail game is on point.

    27. Crystal nails always help.

    28. Bring out the beauty of an emerald engagement ring with a similarly colored background.

    You can do the same with any colored stone.

    29. For a vintage ring, snap a pic in its original box.

    Or if the original is long gone, buy a pretty colored velvet box.

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