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    31 Reasons We're Addicted To Benedict Cumberbatch

    Sher-locked, etc.

    1. He looks like this.

    Samuel Bradley /

    Looking good and speaking out for LGBT rights on the pages of Out.


    Getty Images for Variety / Angela Weiss

    Well, according to Cumberbatch, "I'm not ginger... I'm auburn and there's a difference." OK FINE. AUBURN BEARD.

    3. But he also looks like an otter.

    In the best way.

    4. Just listen to his sultry rendition of R. Kelly's "Genius."

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    5. He calls his dad from the red carpet.

    6. He's perplexed by children.

    7. We feel ya, Keira. / Via

    They're starring together in The Imitation Game this winter.

    Just look at his reaction face!

    8. He can't pronounce the word "penguin."

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    Made doubly adorable by the fact that he was in a movie called PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR and had to say it over and over and over while promoting it.

    9. When an interviewer told Keira she looked "a little worn out," he said:

    10. He has the coolest name.

    11. STAHP. So adorable.

    In his pink rugby shirt.

    12. He's a little gullible.

    Simon Pegg, who costarred with him on Star Trek Into Darkness, convinced Cumberbatch and other cast members to put "neutron cream" on their faces during filming because the set was "dangerous."

    13. He loved trivia in Starter for 10.

    Picturehouse / Via

    Apparently he can only play geniuses.

    14. He's an expert-level photo bomber.

    15. He listens to fans' requests.

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    16. Plus he hangs out with your other boyfriend, Hiddles.


    17. And he gave your third boyfriend Eddie Redmayne a lovely bro-hug.

    18. He got real with this mean tweeter.

    19. Harrison Ford is even a big fan.

    Probably because of the Chewbacca sound.

    20. Yaaas.

    21. Any/all Alan Rickman impressions.

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    22. He supports your love of champagne. / Via

    While solving a murder, of course.

    23. He got low on the floor to play Smaug.

    Hello, grey Lycra.

    24. He gets overcome with giggles.

    25. He likes business on top, party on the bottom.

    National Television Awards
    National Television Awards

    26. He doesn't even know how good-looking he is.

    Benny, plz.

    27. That thing called the "cumbercurl."

    Wow. So errant.

    28. Sometimes he even fangirls. / Via

    When seeing some of the crew from Star Trek.

    29. He understands our morning feels.

    30. He likes to make funny faces.

    31. COME on: