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21 Things That'll Help You Stay Cool All Summer Long

Beat the heat before you turn into a puddle. The products in this post were updated in June 2018.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A handheld fan with a water reservoir to mist your face for an instant cool down.

2. An outdoor cooling system that'll release a fine mist of water to cool the surrounding air by up to 20 degrees.

3. A cooling mat to keep your pupper refreshed and ready to play during even the ~dog days~ of summer.

4. A setting spray perfect for the sweatiest of days; just spritz it on and it'll cool your face, hydrate your skin, and keep your makeup from melting off.

5. A cooling bandana you can tie around your neck or forehead — just run it under cold water, and it'll last up to four hours on just one soak!

6. A cold-brew coffee maker for a perfect morning brew to perk you up without heating you up.

7. A memory foam pillow with a top layer that allows airflow to keep you cool and comfortable all night.

8. A futuristic cup that turns any soda, juice, or alcoholic drink into a delicious slushie right before your eyes.

9. Or an instant rolled ice cream maker to satisfy your craving ~without~ having to leave the house.

10. A spray-on sunscreen that cools and refreshes your skin so you'll actually WANT to reapply that SPF.

11. Or if you've already been burned, a bottle of aloe cooling gel to instantly cool and soothe your skin and help hydrate and repair it faster than ever.

12. A tower fan with a programmable thermostat and eight speed settings that seems w a y more like an air conditioner than a fan (without the cost of AC).

13. A wine-chilling stick that *also* aerates your vino as you pour it. Hello, perfect porch + prosecco evenings.

14. Or a cooling sleeve to chill your beverage from room temperature to ice cold in just five minutes and keep it cold for up to three hours.

15. A HyperChiller that turns HOT coffee into perfect iced coffee in 60 seconds — WITHOUT diluting it.

16. Cooling soap cubes to turn your morning shower into a refreshing and invigorating experience on even the hottest mornings.

17. A lightweight and breathable towel you can soak with cold water to keep your cool for hours on end, no matter how high the heat index climbs.

18. A mini fan that plugs right into your iPhone for a perfect breeze wherever you go.

19. A water balloon–filling jug to make your very own backyard water fight so much easier. It fills the balloons with a few quick pumps AND has an easy tying stick to make knotting them a breeze.

20. A plush sleep mask with a gel insert you can toss in the fridge or freezer for perfectly restful nights all summer long.

21. And a clip-on desk fan for when Linda from accounting keeps meddling with the thermostat.

Summer's already here, guys. Gotta get ready.