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    29 Products For Anyone Who'd Rather Be Reading

    Raise your hand if you've cancelled plans because your book is too good to put down.

    1. A pair of sweary socks for when someone just keeps trying to TALK to you even though you're clearly busy.

    Let's just get a quick close-up of these beauts.

    2. A literary lunch box you'll never ever forget at home — because do you ever forget to bring along the novel you're currently enjoying? NO.

    3. An infographic poster featuring literature's most burn-worthy insults so you can pepper your conversations with only truly high-brow zingers.

    4. An all-natural soy wax candle that'll smell like cherry blossoms and leather-bound books so you can pretend you're sitting in a Beauty and the Beast–style library reading a first edition rather than in your cramped apartment reading an ebook.

    5. A pair of bamboo cutting boards masquerading as hardcovers to put a new twist on the word "cookbook."

    6. An enamel pin you can totally add a photo of to your Tinder profile. Don't just a book by its cover, but do judge a potential partner by their collection of reading material!

    7. A spiral-bound book journal with pleeeeenty of space to keep track of all the Big Thoughts you had while reading — you know that part where you threw the book across the room? Talk about that.

    8. Or a reading journal with watercolor illustrations of female characters (and their iconic quotes) woven throughout your book log.

    9. An anglerfish reading light who is just there to support you when you say "one more chapter.... ok only one more..... I'll be done after this next one." Sleep is overrated.

    10. A super lightweight Kindle Oasis to seriously upgrade your on-the-go reading experience. This bb is glare-free, WATERPROOF, and a single charge lasts for weeks. Now you can carry *thousands* of books with you all the time!

    11. And a bath caddy so you can soak up some great lit while soaking in the tub — this one has room for a beverage (which wine pairs best with Outlander?), snack, candle, and your new waterproof Kindle.

    12. An e-reader cover to protect your device from scratches WHILE looking like a real bound book — perfect for anyone who loves the convenience of an e-reader, but misses the actual feel of a hardcover.

    13. A tee that'll let everyone know that, *no you can't come to their housewarming this Saturday* faster than you can Google "excuses to say no to plans."

    14. A set of old fashioned bookplate stickers so you can make sure anyone you generously share your books with knows the loan isn't permanent. We follow library rules, folks.

    15. A literary rocks glass to end your day with the perfect nightcap — a pour of your favorite beverage, and a few chapters before bedtime. Only thing better would be if you threw a Darcy in there, too.

    16. Colorful washi tape for anyone ~shelf~ish about marking their territory.

    17. A bookmark that'll comfort your chosen novel when you're not currently in its presence — don't worry, you'd much rather be spending time with it.

    18. Shakespeare, Not Stirred, a recipe book filled with cocktails inspired by the bard himself for anyone who can't have a ~happy hour~ without puns like "Kate's Shrew-driver" and "Much Ado About Frothing."

    19. Or a sextet of shot glasses decorated with quotes (about drinking) from authors who are as well known for their boozing as their books.

    20. A tote bag emblazoned with Hermione Granger's best advice, and best stuffed with as many volumes as Madam Pince will let you borrow from the Restricted Section.

    21. Fascinating Facts About Famous Fiction Authors, an endlessly interesting collection of fun facts and literary trivia you can whip out in any conversation — small talk will never be the same!

    22. A set of novel~tea~ bags printed with quotes about reading — perfect for caffeinating during that 4pm meeting that could have been an email... and speculating about how that book you're in the middle of is going to end instead of paying attention.

    23. Gorgeous wallpaper to turn any room into the library of your dreams, because you read everywhere anyway!

    24. A hinged book locket you should fill with a picture of the friend or significant other you never see cuz you're too busy with all your *fictional* friends and love interests.

    25. A cookbook chock-full of recipes inspired by literature and excerpts from the books themselves. This is a cookbook you'll want to read from cover to cover in one sitting — and then make *everything* in it.

    26. A reusable shopping bag to make mundane errands feel more like a trip to the library. It's a heavy-duty option sturdy enough to schlep all the groceries to make those literary-themed recipes.... or to carry all 37 books you just checked out.

    27. A tee that'll tell everyone who meets you what your favorite activity is. It's not bragging if it's true.

    28. A mug printed with classic first sentences so you can start your day like the opening of a novel — let that drama unfold.

    29. And a subscription to Book of the Month, because you deserve to treat yourself to a new pick every month, selected from an array of shouldn't-be-missed new releases, plus a fun little surprise.

    When someone tries to interrupt your reading, but you're just not having it:

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