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    24 Products For Anyone Who Could Always Go For A Cookie

    Having any of these items makes you one smart cookie.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. ~The Dipr~, a tool specifically designed to dunk your favorite sandwich cookie into milk *without* losing it into the abyss. No one wants a soggy Oreo.

    2. A sturdy pre-seasoned cast iron skillet you can make hot, gooey, Instagram-worthy skillet chocolate chip cookies in.

    3. And a skillet cookie recipe book so you can quickly branch out to new flavors and combos without a ton of effort.

    4. A set of macaron containers to store all your sweetest stuff in (think rings or on-the-go medication for the small ones, and earbuds, coins, and larger portables for the bigger size).

    5. Samoa stud earrings that'll be a ~badge of honor~ for your lobes.

    6. A Silpat baking sheet liner for cookies that NEVER stick to the pan, because scrubbing off burnt bits is never a ~treat~.

    Or a similar silicone liner with perfectly sized circles so you can pipe precise macarons right at home.

    7. A ravenous pair of undies, because ~underneath it all~, you're truly a Cookie Monster.

    8. A box of Quaker oatmeal chocolate chip breakfast cookies that'll prove to all your haters that your policy of cookies for breakfast is a REAL THING.

    9. A molded pan for making cookie spoons you can use for a nibble alongside your morning coffee or use as an ice cream shoveling device.

    10. A dozen (or a dozen dozen) cut-out butter cookies from William Greenberg; you can order them for any holiday! Or just to celebrate the holiday that is eating an iced butter cookie.

    11. A pair of Biscoff cookie butter jars (one crunchy, one creamy), because if you haven't tried it yet, are you even a cookie person?

    12. A scented candle with notes of cinnamon, sugar cookie, and Tonka bean designed to evoke memories of a kitchen filled with baked goods.

    13. A cookbook that'll be great for beginners and master bakers alike; it's filled with recipes, expert tips, and insider tricks to make your results better than ever before.

    14. A cookie press to perfect your recipe for spritz (and any other molded cookie) for a sweet treat that tastes as good as it looks.

    15. An adorably realistic cookie you can wear, because your kid is really a ~chip off the old block~.

    16. A pair of boxer briefs printed with the best combination of all time.

    17. Or Oreo and sprinkle–print leggings that'll make you look like a total ~snack~

    18. A compact mirror (and cream-colored comb) inspired by your favorite Hydrox knock-off. If you always keep a treat in your purse, this is for you.

    19. A cookie shot–making kit to take your ice cream eating or milk drinking to the next level.

    20. Washi tape printed with all your favorite British biscuits so you can decorate your life with sweetness.

    21. Or an enamel pin biscuit tin that'll flip up, revealing all your favo(u)rites inside!

    22. An adorable Melissa & Doug playset to keep your tiny tot occupied while you're busy baking the real deal.

    23. A subscription box so your cookie jar never runs dry. From Momofuku Milk Bar's famous compost cookies to millionaire's shortbread to decadent whoopie pies, you'll get the best treat ever with every shipment.

    24. A T. Rex cookie jar, because it is truly the only jar you've ever found that accurately represents your never-ending appetite for shortbreads, macaroons, macarons, biscotti, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter no-bakes, chocolate chippers, black & whites, and all the other varieties you know and love.

    Rawwwrrrrrrr!!!!!!! (That's dino for "Someone get me a cookie right now!")

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