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21 Borderline Genius Websites To Productively Procrastinate Everything

The best work gets done at the last minute anyway.

Procrastination is your best friend. And your worst enemy.

Yes, the most creative ideas can come three hours before a paper is due.

But the same old procrastination methods can just make you feel guilty.

So even if you haven't started studying or doing that project, this doesn't have to be you.


2. Free Rice

3. Spreeder

4. Duolingo

Nothing says "I'm studying for my Spanish exam" like deciding to take up German.

5. Food Gawker

6. Camel Camel Camel

7. What Should I Read Next?

Make more plans of what to do after this thing is done.

8. UnPlugTheTV

9. Sporcle

10. Ted Talks

11. University of Iowa Historical Letter Transcription

12. Justin Guitar

Learn some chords so you can jam at your next party — for free!

13. Galaxy Zoo

14. Skills For Change

15. Coursera

16. Word Frequency Counter

Judge famous authors for their redundancies, or paste bits of your own old papers. It can only help, right?

17. Do Nothing For Two Minutes

18. The Wiki Game

19. Code Academy

Now is the perfect time to learn to code, right? #TheFutureIsNow

20. Caffeine Informer

21. Dancing Orca

Enjoy your procrastination.