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21 Borderline Genius Websites To Productively Procrastinate Everything

The best work gets done at the last minute anyway.

Procrastination is your best friend. And your worst enemy.

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Columbia Pictures /

Yes, the most creative ideas can come three hours before a paper is due.

But the same old procrastination methods can just make you feel guilty.

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So even if you haven't started studying or doing that project, this doesn't have to be you.


Make a to-do list...for your life. It'll put midterms in perspective.

2. Free Rice

Make your laziness more charitable. Take your pick of quiz categories like vocabulary, anatomy, geography, and foreign languages. For each correct answer, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme.

3. Spreeder / Via

Train yourself to be a speed reader, so when you get around to the readings, they'll go twice as fast.

4. Duolingo

Nothing says "I'm studying for my Spanish exam" like deciding to take up German.

5. Food Gawker

Build that master list of recipes you'll definitely get around to...

6. Camel Camel Camel

Saving money is productive, amirite? Use this site to see when's the best time to buy your favorite Amazon goodies with price history charts and price drop alerts.

7. What Should I Read Next?

Make more plans of what to do after this thing is done.

8. UnPlugTheTV

Enjoy this constant stream of informational YouTube videos. Hey, it's probably better than another Netflix binge.

9. Sporcle

Challenge your friends to one of thousands of quizzes so that you're not the only one putting off that thing you need to do.

10. Ted Talks

It's a no-brainer, but one of these videos may give you the inspiration you need.

11. University of Iowa Historical Letter Transcription

History buffs, celebrate! Do any of these 13 Things For History Lovers To Do When They're Bored to both put off work and help organizations transcribe documents and artifacts.

12. Justin Guitar

Learn some chords so you can jam at your next party — for free!

13. Galaxy Zoo

Learn about the cosmos while you classify types of galaxies. You'll probably seriously impress your next date.

14. Skills For Change

Take some time to micro-volunteer — just enter your skills and your areas of interest, and Skills for Change with set you up with a task.

15. Coursera

Because the best time for learning something is when you're supposed to be learning something else.

16. Word Frequency Counter

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Judge famous authors for their redundancies, or paste bits of your own old papers. It can only help, right?

17. Do Nothing For Two Minutes

Move your mouse, and the clock starts over. The perfect excuse to just breathe.

18. The Wiki Game

You'll find all sorts of weird connections when trying to get from Charlie Chaplin's page to David Beckham's in as few clicks as possible.

19. Code Academy

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Now is the perfect time to learn to code, right? #TheFutureIsNow

20. Caffeine Informer

::Drinks coffee in order to do work; worries enough about caffeine intake to distract from work:: Time to look at this website, which will tell you how much of your favorite buzzy beverage would be lethal.

21. Dancing Orca

Or you could just give up and watch this computer-generated orca follow your cursor.

Enjoy your procrastination.