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    PreHeels Is The Easiest Way To Make Your Shoes Blister-Proof

    Just spray your feet, put on those heels, and walk out the door!

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    Shoes are the best. But they can also be very painful. Heels, flats, sneakers, flip-flops — they can all create painful blisters with juuuust a little too much friction in the wrong place.

    Enter PreHeels: a mysterious mist that creates a barrier between your delicate skin and your favorite shoes.

    Just spray it on your feet (like so), covering any ~problem spots~ like the back of your heel or your pinkie toe, and let it dry!

    It will NOT rub, budge, or smear on your shoes — aka no staining your favorite pair — and the protection lasts until you actually *wash* it off with soap and water.

    I'm not the only one who thinks it's great; this little bb has been featured in tons of best-of articles and has over 200 positive reviews on Amazon!

    These shoes pictured here? Pretty dang comfy. Except for a seam on the back of the heel that slices into tender ankle skin like a little razor. But I now spray a little PreHeels on and can wear them alllllllllll damn day!

    So any time there's a question about whether my shoes are comfy, I'll just spritz this on and head straight out the door with confidence.

    Try it for yourself from Amazon for $14.24.

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