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    PreHeels Is The Easiest Way To Make Your Shoes Blister-Proof

    Just spray your feet, put on those heels, and walk out the door!

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    Shoes are the best. But they can also be very painful. Heels, flats, sneakers, flip-flops — they can all create painful blisters with juuuust a little too much friction in the wrong place.

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    Raise your hand if you've ever schlepped around a pair of extra shoes in case yours get uncomfortable. 🙋

    Enter PreHeels: a mysterious mist that creates a barrier between your delicate skin and your favorite shoes.


    (Psst: It's hypoallergenic, breathable, AND sweat-resistant!)

    Just spray it on your feet (like so), covering any ~problem spots~ like the back of your heel or your pinkie toe, and let it dry!


    See those scars on the back of my ankles? Those are from my pre-PreHeels days.

    Once the mist dries, you can immediately tell the difference; there's a dry residue (that won't rub off) protecting your skin from rubbing against your shoe and from scratchy straps or seams. I sprayed it on my heels and my pinky-toe area immediately before going out walking and dancing all night. My phone pedometer said I walked/danced several miles, but there was no blistering at all!

    It will NOT rub, budge, or smear on your shoes — aka no staining your favorite pair — and the protection lasts until you actually *wash* it off with soap and water.

    And unlike a Band-Aid, the spray goes on clear, so it won't mess with your whole ~look~.

    I'm not the only one who thinks it's great; this little bb has been featured in tons of best-of articles and has over 200 positive reviews on Amazon!

    Let's hear it, reviewers:

    "So I bought adorable new heels and wore them one night; the blisters were so bad I NEVER wore them again. I had to wear low-top shoes for a week so my blisters could heal! Having a cute pair of shoes for over a month in my closet and not being able to wear them is a crappy feeling, so I started doing research on Amazon and found PreHeels! Dude… IT WORKS! I sprayed them on and slipped back into those new, unbroken heels (I also brought flats just in case), and it worked! I didn’t even need my flats! This is my new favorite product and a shoe saver!!!" —LB

    "LOVE this product. I have super sensitive skin and tend to blister easily. I usually use Band-Aids to prevent blisters when I wear heels, whether they are a brand-new pair or an older pair that I have to wear all day long. The Band-Aids are annoying to get over my toes, and they usually get all messed up on my heels and sometimes pop out the back of my of my shoe (not cute!). My friend who is a fan of this product told me to get it. I'm SO happy I did! It was really easy to apply and worked perfectly! No more blisters or Band-Aids. I've tried this with other shoes I have and it's just as good." —Stephanie Kwong

    These shoes pictured here? Pretty dang comfy. Except for a seam on the back of the heel that slices into tender ankle skin like a little razor. But I now spray a little PreHeels on and can wear them alllllllllll damn day!


    Personally, I am very careful when I buy shoes; there is lots of hemming and hawing and bending my foot in many unnatural ways to make sure that I buy only comfy shoes. But things you just didn't notice walking on the store carpet always crop up after a dozen or two city blocks. Shoes that were comfortable all day in my overly air-conditioned office just aren't the same on the 95-degree New York City streets.

    So any time there's a question about whether my shoes are comfy, I'll just spritz this on and head straight out the door with confidence.

    Try it for yourself from Amazon for $14.24.

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