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16 Fancy AF Ice Cream Cones That Just Want To Be Loved

More like ice ~dream~ cone, amirite?

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1. These ~literal~ cake cones will whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

2. Marshmallow-studded cone seems tough, but is secretly sweet.

3. Pretzel cone won't tie you all in knots.

4. Hong Kong egg waffle cone would love to adopt a rescue pup.

5. And these Nutella-lined cones will keep you in the lap of luxury.

6. Bacon(e) wants you to pig out.

Too soon?

7. Fruity pebbles cone is really stacked.

Eating this cone > getting the cereal toy, tbh.

8. Rice Krispies treat cone thinks you should take a break once in a while.

9. Oreo cone wants to be moreo than just friends.

10. Fudge-dipped waffle will be there for you when you literally just can't even.

11. This triple threat is really the complete package.

With a cookie on top.

12. Chocolate chip cookie cone doesn't mind if things get messy.

That's life, right?


13. Red velvet is a smooth operator.

14. Brownie cone supports whatever career choices you want to make.

15. Taco cone loves to get nostalgic and reminisce about his childhood.

16. And cone-oli will take you home to meet mama.