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    Man Buns: A Chronological Hairstory

    It's a bun-derful life.

    6th-7th Century BCE and beyond—Buddha

    AFP / Getty Images DIPTENDU DUTTA

    One of the Buddha's secondary physical characteristics? "His topknot is like a crown." Beat that, Bradley Cooper.

    3rd Century BCE—Terra Cotta Warriors

    Getty Images Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

    So fierce.

    1070s—Bayeux Tapestry Figures

    Getty Images Hulton Archive

    What's under those pointy helmets? Let's assume they're man buns.

    1789—Maximilien Robespierre / Via

    The closest 18th century guys get to the man bun is this powdered wig mini-ponytail. Off with his head! (Too soon?)

    1825—Prince Okundaira / Via

    Not unlike the men on today's red carpet, this prince of Japan has the step and scowl down pat. And that man bun? Perfectly messy.

    1970s—George Harrison / Via

    The Beatle made our heart beat a little faster when he tied his hair back while hanging out with Pattie Boyd.

    1975—Riff Raff (The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    20th Century Fox / Via

    The man bun, imported from the planet Transsexual.

    1975-1979—Samurai Futaba (Saturday Night Live)

    NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

    While John Belushi's samurai made audiences laugh on SNL, his hairdo also wouldn't look out of place today on the streets of NYC or the head of Penn Badgley.

    1992—Dracula (Bram Stoker's Dracula)

    Francis Ford Coppola/Osiris Films / Via

    Gary Oldman wows with an old-timey mupdo.

    1994—Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac (Interview with the Vampire)

    Geffen Pictures/Warner Bros. / Via

    Clearly fighting over who has the better hair.

    1998—Li Shang (Mulan) / Via

    Shang's Han Dynasty man bun is made even better with a red hair ribbon. And also v. broad shoulders.

    2001-2004—Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)

    Samurai Jack/Cartoon Network / Via

    Simply effortless.

    2003—David Beckham

    AFP / Getty Images GERARD JULIEN

    Look how happy he is to be a man bun pioneer!

    May 2010—Ivan Vanko (Iron Man 2) / Via

    You want your bird? I want your bun.

    2011—Tom Brady

    WG/ WG/

    Like Becks and samurais, Tom Brady chooses the man bun for athletic convenience, not that you mind.

    April 2012—Chris Hemsworth

    Getty Images Elisabetta Villa

    The miracle of Chris Hemsworth's tiny glistening bun somehow manages to distract us from even Tom Hiddleston's laughing face.

    February 2013—Colin Farrell

    Getty Images Kevin Winter

    Half shaved, half bun. Still counts.

    Octorber 2013—Jake Gyllenhaal


    Gyllenhaal takes history into his own hands.

    January 2014—Jared Leto

    AFP / Getty Images ROBYN BECK

    The 2014 Golden Globe Awards, aka THE MAN BUN RENAISSANCE. Joaquin Phoenix and Best Original Score Winner Alex Ebert also sported the mupdo.

    July 2014—Leonardo DiCaprio


    I'll never let go, Jack... of your greasy pulled back locks.

    August 2014—Kit Harington

    Getty Images/Frazer Harrison

    You know something Jon Snow (about man buns.)

    September 2014—Harry Styles