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18 Lady Products That Cost More Than Their Male Counterparts

Because pink packaging is expensive! #ladyrage

1. Deodorant

At a local Duane Reade, this Degree women's deodorant is 4% smaller but costs 55% more than the men's version.

2. Face Lotion

Neutrogena's face lotion (in the pretty purple box) costs $3.88 per ounce, while the men's version costs $3.46 per ounce. That's 12% more!

3. Eau de Toilette Spray

Almost identical bottles, but the women's eau de toilette costs 7% more.

4. Body Wash

On sites like, Dial shower gels for men are priced online, while women's body washes are priced per store, making it harder to see gender pricing. At Duane Reade, there's an 18% difference between Nivea men's and women's body wash. Because ladies really need something called "Touch of Serenity" 18% more.

5. Soap

A 14% price increase for a pink box.

6. Lotion

At, there's a 10% price hike between the Gold Bond men's lotion and the cheapest non-men's version.

7. Disposable Razors

Same number of razors, same number of blades, 8% price increase.

8. Shaving Cream

9% more for a fruity scent and shiny pink can.

9. Drugstore Shampoo

A 5% higher price for a shampoo with very similar ingredients.

10. Professional Care Shampoo

42% more for the streamlined blue bottle.

11. Haircuts

While longer hair styles and buzz cuts are naturally priced differently, some salons price haircuts based on gender and NOT on hair length or style.

12. Laundering Clothes

Janet Floyd found cleaners in Manhattan charged 60% more for women to get shirts laundered, even if the cut and material of the shirt was the same as men's.

13. Unisex Clothing

The women's version of this Hanes tee is $2 more per shirt (a 20% increase), despite being smaller and cut in the same "relaxed" fit as the men's.

14. Bicycles

To get an almost identical light blue bike, ladies have to shell out 36% more cash.

15. Cars

On average, women are offered new car list prices that are at least $200 higher than their male counterparts.

16. Car Repairs

Women get offered average repair estimates of $486, with men hearing an average of $383 — a 27% price difference!

17. Loans

In 2006, women were charged about 3.2% higher interest rates than men.

18. Health Insurance

About 95% of insurers have practiced gender-based price discrimination, which is now banned under the Affordable Care Act.

And with women earning 78.3 cents on the dollar, gender pricing just doesn't make sense.