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32 Cool And Colorful Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked


1. Reveal your inner mermaid with green and teal fish scales.

2. Get a set of blue and red notebook lines.

3. Go graphic with red and blue swirls.

4. Or splashes of primary-colored paint strokes.

5. Add a dash of red with pop art Audrey Hepburn.

6. Surround continents with a tie-dye ocean.

7. Or fill in the places you've been.

8. Add some color to your astrological sign.

9. For those who love fall, ink an orange leaf.

10. Show your greener side.

11. Look at those autumnal hues.

12. Opt for brightly colored poppies.

13. Or a pretty pastel rose.

14. Get an artistic water lily.

15. Get carried away by a hot air balloon.

16. Put your favorite shades in a mandala design.

17. Peacock tats are perfect for a whole spectrum of jewel tones.

18. Or go for a sketched out fox.

19. Go even softer with bluebirds.

20. Get a 3D effect with red and blue bird outlines.

21. Or add a dash of color under the wings.

22. Get arty with vibrant colors and abstract shapes.

23. Put a colorful spin on a traditional American tattoo style.

24. Include the entire spectrum with a color wheel.

25. Or a blended rainbow.

26. Or a triangle.

27. Because everything needs more color.

28. Like the dreamiest ice cream cone.

29. Or this crystiline skull.

30. Or an epic lightbulb.

31. Come on!

32. Just gorgeous.

Ready to go under the needle yet?