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    18 Smart Ways To Fix Your Last-Minute Prom Emergencies

    Putting the "pro" in the prom.

    1. If you go a little wild with the tweezers, mask over-plucked brows by brushing up and filling in.

    2. If you wake up with a last-minute pimple, crush an aspirin and apply it to reduce redness and swelling.

    You can also try redness-relief eye drops.

    3. Over-do the perfume? Rub a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to make the perfume smell evaporate faster.

    4. If your dress zipper gets stuck, smooth graphite (like a pencil) over the problem area.

    Wardrobe malfunction, be gone. Via WikiHow.

    5. Staticky hair? Pat it down with a dryer sheet

    6. The wind kicked up during photos? Use lip balm to smooth down the flyaways.

    7. Easily remove deodorant marks with a nylon stocking.

    8. Use lemon and baking soda to lighten excessive or streaky self-tanner.

    9. Stick two spoons in the freezer, and apply them underneath your eyes to reduce puffiness.

    10. If you're wearing tights, bring a mini bottle of clear nail polish to stop runs in their tracks.

    11. Bring a pair of folding ballet flats in case of a broken heel.

    $9.99, Amazon.

    12. Bring a mini stick of deodorant and swipe it on blister-prone areas. It'll reduce friction and keep you dancing all night.

    13. Get food stuck in your teeth at dinner? Use a business card from the restaurant to get it out.

    14. Or use a straw to "floss" your teeth.

    15. Stop an oily forehead in its tracks by blotting with a toilet seat cover.

    16. Fix a smudged nail by licking your finger and blending out.

    17. Bring a bit of extra moleskin to cushion strappy shoes.

    18. And keep a few things in an ~emergency clutch~ to anticipate any drastic issues.

    Don't worry, you got this.