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    16 Games You Need To Order For Your Friend Group ASAP

    Game of Thrones Clue, Exploding Kittens, Settlers of Catan, and 20 other games that'll guarantee a good time.

    1. Escape Room: The Game takes all the fun of a group outing to an ~actual~ escape room to the comfort of your own living room. The game comes with three (!) different playable missions with puzzles, secret codes, hidden clues, and more — you have 60 minutes for each one. The clock is ticking!

    2. BuzzFeed's Social Sabotage is a newfangled card game that matches a dare (write "Grandpa really fills out those khakis") with a place (on Facebook!). The player with the most cards at the end wins!

    3. Bananagrams (or Party Bananagrams!) combines all the fun of crossword puzzles and Scrabble for a fast-paced game anyone who loves words will find ~a-peel-ing~.

    4. Suddenly Drunk is an expansion pack that'll work with *any* turn-based game (cards, board games, etc.) and turn it into a drinking game. Meaning you'll use it alllll the time.

    5. Exploding Kittens comes in both regular and ~explicit~ versions, because options are always better! It's a little bit like Russian roulette — players draw cards, hoping not to draw the titular one (they're out of the game if they do) while gathering things like "catnip sandwich," "laser pointer," or "belly rub," which can defuse the dreaded exploding kitten!

    6. Game of Thrones Clue may actually help you survive the long wait before Season 8 airs. It comes with 12 of your favorite characters and a reversible game board, so you can play in King's Landing *or* Meereen.

    7. Midnight Outburst is made by the creators of Taboo, so if you loved that, you'll love this ~late-night~ Family Feud–style game, where players yell out things trying to match the top 10 responses to anything from "Harrison Ford movies" to "things you do on your knees."

    8. Quickwits can be learned in no time flat, making it a great game to bring to parties. How do you play? Everyone lays down a category card at the same time — if two people lay down matching cards, they have to blurt out things that fit into their opponent's category. But warning: No one can use the same answer twice!

    9. Tipsy Tower combines the classic game of Jenga with booze — some of the wooden blocks have drinking game rules on them, and when someone draws one out, they have to abide by that rule for the rest of the game or take a sip accordingly!

    10. 5 Second Rule Uncensored tests your brain speed, having players spit out three answers to categories like "uses for your tongue," "ways to hide a fart," or "reasons to have a drink" — all in under five seconds!

    11. Joking Hazard, created by the minds behind the web comic "Cyanide and Happiness," follows the same game design as Cards Against Humanity, where players compete to complete a three-panel comic strip in the funniest way possible.

    12. Drawing Without Dignity takes plain ol' Pictionary to the next level — the prompts are quire ~adult~, and the worse players are at drawing, the better the game is.

    13. Codenames transforms your friends or family into two teams of rival spies, plus one assassin and one double agent. You only know the "codenames" of the people on your team, so who will figure out which spies belongs on their team first?

    14. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid contains 250 prompt cards with hilariously ridiculous situations — it's up to you and your friends to decide who among the group would be the most likely do to what's in the prompt. Let the arguments begin!

    15. Pie Face combines high suspense with your favorite whipped topping — what could be better? Spin the wheel to determine the number of times you have to crank the wheel, but who knows which crank will catapult the cream-topped hand right into your face!

    16. Settlers of Catan combines strategy with collaboration, building your own areas and trading resources with other players, making it the perfect option for people who are tired of the negative vibes of board games like Risk or Monopoly.

    Game on!

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