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18 Websites You Should Definitely Not Click On If You're Hungry

Or do. That's on you, man.

1. Joy The Baker

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

3. Food Porn Daily / Via

A new photo every day. Plus links to the recipes. Yep.

4. Food-Gifs

All food gifs, all the time.

5. Pretty Foods / Via

A steady stream of gorgeous food photography that hurts so good.

7. Foodspotting

This is one you definitely should visit mid-craving. Just type in "chocolate" and your location, and you'll be greeted by photos and suggestions of where to go.

8. Spoon Fork Bacon

9. Jamie Oliver

10. Not Without Salt

Are you kidding me right now?

11. 1796 Foods

Follow this Tumblr to chronicle one woman's journey to eat 1,796 different foods from two different 1001 Foods To Eat Before You Die books. #ChallengeAccepted

12. Sexiest Foods

The name says it all.

13. Nails + Nosh

Nail porn meets food porn.

14. Smitten Kitchen

15. Imgur's /r/ foodporn category.

A wealth of deliciousness.

16. Taste Spotting

A self-described "potluck" of photos and links to recipes and other delicious food-related things on the internet.

17. Ina Garten

18. Food Gawker

::scrolls for hours::