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29 Seriously Cool Snow Sculptures That Will Make You Want Another Storm

~Blizzard wizards.~

1. This scenic sculpture.

2. These rock 'em, sock 'em snow-bots.

3. Wait until you see it...

4. This perfectly valid excuse to skip work today.

5. This Pocahontas-worthy tree.

6. This dino diorama.

7. This soon-to-be yellow snow.

8. This architectural masterpiece.

9. This subtle sign-holder.

10. This geeky wonder.

11. This achievement in laziness.

12. This cozy snow portrait.

13. This icy VW bus.

14. This reminder that spring may come. SOMEDAY.

15. This winged beauty.

16. This ode to ice fishing.

17. This frozen cityscape.

18. This vintage wiener dog.

19. Or this quad dragon.

20. This whimsical snow moose.

21. This cannib-apple.

22. This fantastical castle.

23. These icy curls..

24. This stunning locomotive.

25. This backyard experiment in surrealism.

26. This snow beard on fleek.

27. This terrific triceratops.

28. This snow-surfing turtle.

29. And this snarling sculpture.