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    27 Celestial Products For Anyone With Stars In Their Eyes

    We're talking products that are truly out of this world.

    1. Truly ~stellar~ ear jackets you can wear as dangles, or simply unhook the bottom star to wear them as simple studs.

    2. A custom framed print featuring the exact night sky of the time and place of your choosing. This is perfect for commemorating a birth, anniversary, or any meaningful life event.

    3. A strand of battery-operated string lights so you can take the word "starlight" very literally.

    4. Or hanging curtains of twinkling star lights of various sizes to make a stunning photo backdrop or magical statement wall.

    5. A cosmically gorgeous BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palette with 18 pigments (you can use wet or dry) inspired by all eight planets in our solar system (plus pluto), and other celestial bodies.

    6. A radiant, sequin-embroidered sheer duster so when you walk, you'll twinkle like the night sky.

    7. A hardcover notebook with a star wheel on the front you can rotate to see the visible constellations at any specific date and time of the year.

    8. A gold foil constellation-print sports bra and leggings set for the fitness enthusiast whose goal is to ~reach for the stars~.

    9. A gold foiled celestial journal to inspire equally lovely reflections of your day. It spans five years, and each day only has a few lines so you can keep it short and sweet.

    10. Sheer curtains with metallic designs so you can stargaze, even if you live in a city and can't actually... see anything up there.

    11. A cosmos projector that'll basically be a game-changer for kids and adults alike. You can set it to auto-shut off after anywhere from 5-95 minutes, AND you can customize the colors for your most soothing stargazing experience).

    12. A sheer mock neck top featuring an embossed velvet design that'll make you a ~fashion superstar~.

    13. On-the-go notebooks with plenty of ~space~ to record all your adventures, fact or fiction.

    14. A vintage-inspired poster that'll be like taking an astronomy class — all you gotta do is look at your wall.

    15. Sheer metallic tights with truly ~universal appeal~.

    16. A set of 24 constellation temporary tattoos — spoiler alert: the stars GLOW IN THE DARK!!

    17. A golden sipper cup that'll help you shine bright (aka not spill your drink all over everything and everyone).

    18. A heat-changing mug so you can make your morning brew a bit more ~heavenly~. When a hot beverage is poured in, lines magically appear around the stars to show you how they form constellations!

    19. A pair of much-beloved (they have over 1,200 positive reviews on Amazon) galaxy-print leggings for a match written in the stars. Didn't you read your horoscope this week?

    20. A dainty ring with cubic zirconia stones in the shape of your zodiac's constellation.

    21. Or if you're looking for more of an investment piece, a 14K gold band hand-engraved with your sign's constellation (and your partner's — you can add one or two on each ring!).

    22. A bra and undies set so you'll shine brighter than the sun itself.

    23. Written in the Stars, a book about the 88 constellations in our sky, including scientific facts and figures, plus the legends and myths behind the stars themselves.

    24. A printed beanie (with LED lights built in!) to keep your head warm with the fire of a thousand burning stars (ok not THAT warm).

    25. Or a tulle skirt printed with a real NASA image of the Milky Way. AND it comes with a 60-LED light strand under the skirt so you can twinkle, too!

    26. A minimalist watch with super-subtle background glitter on the face to mimic the starry night sky.

    27. And a beginner-friendly telescope for a little space exploration in your backyard.

    You're a star! Just listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson here.

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