17 Fun Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Mom On Mother's Day

    ::Sends this post to mom; tells her to pick one::

    1. Give her "coupons" for one-on-one tech lessons.

    Sans snarky comments.

    2. Make a DIY recipe dish towel of your favorite childhood dish and ask her to teach it to you.

    Spending the afternoon baking > anything else.

    3. Do a spa activity — together.

    4. Bond over a jigsaw puzzle.

    5. Go to a wine tasting.

    6. Prep materials to make a fun craft together.

    7. Book a visit to a local museum to look at some of her favorite art.

    8. Play golf or mini golf.

    9. Take a cooking class.

    10. Load her smartphone with some of your favorite tunes.

    11. Take her out to a nice dinner.

    12. Treat her to a ~little something~ on an afternoon out.

    13. Do some gardening.

    14. Have an extended cuddle sesh slash Netflix binge.

    15. Sign up for a workout class.

    16. Want something tangible to stick in your card? Print and fill out a couple of these Mother's Day checks.

    17. But then again, she may need some dang time to herself.

    A couple hours of "me time" and a bubble bath = totally chill presents, too.