21 Gorgeous Excuses Not To Wash Your Hair Today


    1. This pink pixie.

    2. This perfectly messy fishtail.

    3. This bangin' braid.

    4. This vintage vibe.

    5. These wonderful waves.

    6. This polished pony.

    7. This perky half bun.

    8. This mermaid-colored hair.

    9. These rolls that shout "Victory!"

    10. These glorious curls.

    11. These rainbow locks.

    12. This awesome hair jewelry.

    13. These twisted tresses.

    14. This perfect updo.

    15. This strategic hat.

    16. And this lovely hair halo.

    17. So throw up that hood...

    18. Because color this beautiful can't fade too fast.

    19. Because nature takes precedence over shampoo today.

    20. And you can get ~hella hairstyles~ out of one wash.

    21. Thanks, dry shampoo.